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Friday, November 13, 2015

Halloween Fun

We had a great Halloween in our new neighborhood. There was a pizza pre-party with neighbors, a big pack of kids trick-or-treating, and lots of lots of candy, enough to satisfy even the most pregnant of bellies! Jameson went off with friends as did Cameron (unchaperoned for the first time). Still laughing thinking about Cam dropping his loot, all 50lbs of candy, on the ground when he got home as he began recounting his night for me, in all its glory, "Don't get me wrong mom, it wasn't easy. There were many times over the course of the night where we thought about turning back. We thought about giving in. But then we decided to just focus on the end result and we pushed on. We refueled when we needed to, asked for water at a few houses when we couldn't stand the thirst anymore but we did it, we did it." Love that grit and determination and how it sounded like he was telling the story of a  courageous battle to win a war and not just a quest to fill up his bag with candy.
Cam went as a spy, Jameson dressed as Doc from Back to the Future, Avery and Ella both went as fashionable and brightly colored witches, and Addie went as a Pop Star who only answered to the name "Lady Goo Goo."

Jim and I were invited to a friend's Halloween party (Adults only), and since we had prize worthy costumes last year, knew this year's must be pretty creative too. I decided to work the pregnancy into the costume and made myself into a can of "Prego" Tomato Sauce. Jim, was the Italian chef, of course. I wore red tights and a red long sleeve shirt. I peeled a label off a jar of Prego, brought it to Staples where it was enlarged and printed on poster-board. I used tape to secure around me in the back and held up with red suspenders. Viola! We got Jim an apron and a chef hat then used yellow yarn for spaghetti, and styrofoam balls which painted brown for meatballs. We hot glued these onto his apron and hat to jazz up a bit. Such fun!

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