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our pad

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

With Easter just a week away and the temperature nearing the 60 degree mark, spring officially sprung at The Lily Pad this weekend. Signs of the season were all around- Jim checked off a few things on the to-do list when he took apart the backyard hockey rink revealing a rectangle of lush green grass below. To my delight he also began the task of removing the Christmas tree lights careful not to disturb the buds now lining the bushes. Cameron's soccer season kicked off Saturday and he was placed on the purple team conveniently called "The Crusaders". Jameson had a ball shooting hoops in his new basket in the driveway and the girls carried on in my arms just taking it all in! As the weekend continued we took a nice walk, spent time with neighbors and even managed to sandwich in a picnic on the front lawn. After a long cold winter, we are all hoping more warm days like this spring up around us!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Highchair today, Highschool tommorow...

As I strapped the girls into their new highchairs and prepared to feed them their first vegetable (squash), I paused to reflect on just how quickly these once little babies are blossoming before my eyes! After a seemingly endless pregnancy, I brought home these two baby dolls weighing just four and five pounds. So fragile and delicate were they, that their heads easily rested in the palm of my hand and their little arms were no wider than the width of two fingers. Now here they sat, almost unassisted, eating real baby food, full of capabilities I couldn't have imagined five months prior. Their heads can follow their brothers around the room, they can rollover, they can squeal in decibels I could never reach, and best of all they can give these belly-laughs that move me to laugh out loud myself. We have spent almost a half year together, and I have enjoyed every moment of it, although some memories a blur from sleep deprivation. And so they grow, learn more each day and although I wish I could keep them small forever, I won't, for I know that wrapped up in these 12 and 13 pound bundles are all my hopes and dreams!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My First Blog

I would be lying if I didn't tell you that until moments ago when I looked up "Blogging" in Wikapedia, I didn't completely know what this phenomenon was all about, and still must admit, I don't entirely understand it. But here goes an attempt to join with the times and start my first blog. I hope this will be a place where I can chart my childrens development as I have never been faithful at maintaining baby books, and keep family and friends up to date with daily happenings and exciting milestones. Perhaps I will also be able to share parenting insights and other areas of expertise (too many to list) with followers, which as of now total zero.

So as a brief summary to bring everyone up to date, here's how The Liljedahl household or "The Lily Pad" looks:
Amanda and Jim who met or reconnected (our paths cross many times as children) in College, married shortly thereafter and had Jameson now 7. Two and half years later we welcomed a new playmate and bestfriend for Jameson when we had Cameron. After five wonderful years we got the girls we always wanted when we had identical twins- Avery and Ella. We are still not entirely sure how this happened but we both always dreamed of having twins! So life in the Lily pad is very busy,and crazy at times but most of all fun and filled with love!