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our pad

Monday, January 6, 2014

Out with the old, in with the New!

Good bye 2013! What a year it was. Last year at this time I felt the freshness in the air, a new beginning, the hope for good things to come, a clean slate and the renewed sense of hope and promise. Little did I know what lie ahead, how 2013 would challenge me, what changes it would bring to our family, our routine and everything we took for granted. Little did I know how we would be tested, the pain, fear and anxiety that would be thrust upon is. How blind I was to the life altering diagnosis that was in my future. Last year at this very time, I knew we stood on the verge of change, but had no idea that that change would involve my own battle with cancer. I had no idea I would never look at a New Year, or a new month, week or day the same way again.  I also had no idea that 2013 would bring me closer to my breaking point but bring me closer to God. I had no idea that in challenging everything I once knew I would strengthen my connections with family and friends. I had no idea that my initial feelings of loss and isolation would lead to finding comfort from the warmth of strangers. I had no idea that 2013 was going to be a year I would never forget, but for now goodbye 2013, goodbye..

Hello to 2014, to new beginnings, to health and to happiness. Hello to fresh starts, to hope and to rebirth.

Hello to a New Year, a new month, a new week, and brand new day...