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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Avery and Ella turm TWO!

This weekend the girls celebrated their second birthday! I can't believe how fast it has all gone by. The sweet little 4 and 5 pound babies I brought home from the hospital have turned into talking, running and yes sometimes fighting 27 and 28lb toddlers. They have been singing happy birthday (always inserting their sisters' name on the Happy Birthday to....part of the song) for weeks and they were very excited for their special day, especially the cake and cupcakes as they call any sweet a "happy buwtday"! They loved their new playhouse and dolls and doll accessories and the new shoes the got! They spent a very nice day with Nanny complete with a tea party and a real manicure! They love showing off their bright pink nails! All of their playgroup friends came over for a costume party and everyone had a great time. Now that they are Two here are some of their favorite things:
Ella loves her baby sister "Addie", dancing, her baby dolls, carrying any and everything around in a bag, socks (sometimes several pairs on at a time), "nacks" snacks-appledauce, numnumss, fishies, Barney, her pacifier "nah" and helping Mommy unload the dishwasher.

Avery also loves her sister "Addie", playing on her car outside, going on the "wee" (swing), playing with her dolls and dressing them in her clothes, shoes especially heels, getting into my purse and covering herself in lipstick and concealer, puzzles and of course her "nah and bitty"!
I am so excited for all that this next year will bring with my twin toddlers. I love listening to them talk and can't wait for them to continue to build real sentences. Just today I heard Ella say to Avery who was on the counter (pointing her finger), "Avie hop down, not for Babies!" Im sure lots more fun is on the way!

Friday, September 17, 2010

End of Summer

This weekend marks the official end of summer and the change of season is very evident in the air outside. The summer went by so fast and I think for my sanity that was a good thing. The kids had a great time down the beach and stayed busy but I admit I was exhausted by all the togetherness and lack of structure. The boys played baseball every morning and did swimming lessons after that. The girls enjoyed their time on the beach and learned to really love the water, even putting their faces in to blow bubbles. Addison went with the flow and even dipped her toes in the water.

We finished off the summer with a family trip to Storyland which was a huge success. It was perfect for every age and we all enjoyed spending time together up in the mountains!

The summer winded down and we have settled back into our routine here at home. The boys are now into their second week of a new school year. I can't believe Jameson is a fourth grader and Cameron is in first. The transition has gone pretty smoothly J is excited about his class and Cameron has done such a great job getting himself up and ready for the bus. The girls do miss their brothers while they are gone all day but it is nice having some time with them alone and we are certainly finding ways to stay busy! We are all excited for Fall and all that it will bring...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Troublesome Twosome

It didn't take long after Addison's birth for my two little angels to lose their halos. They loved their baby sister from the start, smother her in kisses, play gently with her and still giggle excitedly whenever they see her, but they definitely started acting out in other ways. In fact while I was still in the hospital after delivery, the first diaper incident took place. First Avery figured out how to unzip her jammies and take off her diaper, dirty diaper, while still in the crib. Ella was so impressed that she soon followed suit. I bought a potty seat in hopes that they were telling me they were ready to commence potty training but at 18 months they were not quite ready! After several messy awakenings, I figured out how to thwart their efforts by putting their sleepsacks on backwards. This worked for awhile until they realized they could stretch the neck hole over their shoulders and pull it down to free themselves and again take off their diapers. Who knew I had two Houdini's? Next I tried putting them in onesies-smart,right? Well they were smarter. It didn't take long for them to master unsnapping the snaps. Utterly exhausted from the laundry and scrubbing and disinfecting their bedroom, I thought to cut off all the feet of their footed pajamas so I could put them on backwards. This worked to keep the diapers on, until they girls figured out how to push their cribs together, climb into the same crib and unzip each other! They looked so proud when we found them standing in the one crib-diapers off once again! The crib tents have arrived in the mail so soon hopefully the climbing out will be a thing of the past. Oh the things twins are capable of! There was the infamous Desitin incident not long ago, when I left the girls by the changing table while I went to the other room to open a box of diapers. When I heard giggling from the other room I knew I was in trouble! I walked in to find the girls smothering themselves and each other in diaper cream- water soluble, so that was fun to clean up! It took a week of tubs twice a day to get all the grease out of their hair. The last time the girls climbed out of their cribs was at the B-Bop. They were very quiet so I didn't suspect a thing. I walked into to find they had gotten into my suitcase and dressed themselves in all of my clothes. There were shirts on their feet, bathing suits on their head-oh they were having a blast!In addition to the climbing,and de-diapering, the girls have figured out how to unbuckle their highchair belts, and unbuckle their car seats. Good times! They have also been fighting, taken up biting, hitting and pinching! They are the best of friends but when they both want the same thing at the same time, watch out! We have been trying timeouts and the girls know when their timeout is over to give their sister a kiss. So we are in quite a phase now and I have to stay one step ahead...and hopefully Ill get my two little angels back soon!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Addison

Now that I have a three month old, I guess it is time to update the old blog with news of her arrival. Baby Addison was born April 23rd, in the evening (Ive already forgotten the time, is that bad? It was definitely dark out.) weighing 8 pounds 1oz. I was induced a week past my due date and it was a very fast and easy delivery. So fast in fact that daddy almost missed the actual birth as he was advised by the Dr. that he had plenty of time to go grab some dinner before he met his new baby. No sooner had he walked out and stepped on the elevator was I ready to push! Luckily he had a cell phone on him and quickly made it back just in time. I was so surprised (pleasantly surprised) that she was a girl. She has been a most precious addition to our family since the day she was born. She is the sweetest little thing in the world and her siblings can't get enough of her. She was a great sleeper from the start and was sleeping for 8 hour stretches by 3 weeks old! What a keeper! Now she is so happy and smiley and just a joy to have around. I wish I could sit and hold her and kiss her all day long, but alas, their are four other children constantly vieing for my attention so now she is along for the ride...and what a ride it is!Baby Addie 3 months old!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Due Date

So baby #5's due date passed 5 days ago. April 18th came and went and still no baby. Who would have thought a fifth child would come late? Perhaps he/she knows the craziness that awaits him or her on the outside and is relishing the last of the peace and quiet. The boys are getting impatient and have been expecting the baby for weeks. The girls point to my belly or theirs and say "baby" but don't really grasp that they will be big sisters. They do however sense that change is near and have started acting out a little bit. They have been extra clingy wanting to be held a lot, hard with an enormous belly and an extra 50 pounds! They have also been asserting their independence, saying "no", wanting to walk on their own (not hold hands or ride) and Ella even bit Avery the other day. I hope things settle down once we bring the baby home but know it might take some time. I hope they know they will still be my special baby girls even when we bring home a new baby. All my children are special to me in their own way and adding a new baby to the mix will only reinforce that. So tomorrow we head to the hospital so I can be induced and finally meet this little angel which has been moving and growing inside me for over nine months!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

The weather was beautiful this past weekend and was the warmest Easter I can remember. It made for a very enjoyable Easter egg hunt with neighbors on Saturday and more fun outside on Sunday. The Easter bunny brought yummy chocolate goodies for the kids (and their very pregnant mommy) along with a few special toys tucked inside each basket. The baskets were hidden around Nanny and Papa's house, where we are still staying and Jameson had the hardest time finding his hanging inside a closest. After Mass we came home to another Easter Egg hunt outside with the cousins, then sat down to brunch, while the girls napped. When they woke up we headed down to NannyLil and Ampa's for Easter dinner. The kids found even more eggs and got even more treats and even got to enjoy some time on the beach. We had a great meal and some delicous desserts then headed home with our four tired bunnies!
Ella loving the swing on the beach

Daddy and one of his girls

A last family photo as a family only 6!

The cousins

Avery (left) and Ella in their Easter best

Avery on an egg hunt

The boys dyeing eggs

Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Girls and a Dog

Daisy is technically my parents dog, but we have a great arrangement worked out where we have custody of her much of the time. We have her most of the winter while they are in Florida and other times while they travel throughout the year. The boys have always liked Daisy and enjoy having a dog around. Thanks to their responsibility chart, Jameson takes Daisy out to for a short walk each day and Cameron feeds her and gives her water each morning (we learned he was also sneaking her half a bag of dog treats in with her food). Avery and Ella love Daisy and the feeling appears to be mutual. Daisy although almost 4 years old is still very much a puppy but being around the girls seems to have improved her behavior. She is very gentle and always stays close to the girls. She wants to be where ever they are, playing with the same toys they are. I have taken to calling her the "triplet". The girls spend much of their day following the dog around, calling her name, petting or attempting to sit on or ride her. "Day-dee" is one of the most common utterance I hear from them these days. Here's a couple of clips of the triplets playing in the front yard...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Ever since my college days where March 17th was a huge holiday, I have loved St. Patrick's day. I'm 1/8th Irish, but happy to say that through good breeding my children are all 1/3 Irish. Cameron fully embracing his Irish heritage, set out a leprechaun trap before going to bed last night which involved a box filled with shiny metal objects to attract the leprechaun. His contraption was unsuccessful at capturing the leprechaun, but it did leave evidence of its visit, taking the shiny coins and leaving a shamrock and green glitter in its place. The same tricky leprechaun got into the milk, coloring it green before breakfast time. Tonight we all sat down for some corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread, and enjoyed our Irish roots!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello Sun!

Just as I was about to set sail across the river that use to be our back yard, headed for a place far far away, the sun came out and all was right once again. The rain moved in in time for the weekend and brought some bad days with it. Both Avery and Ella came down with ear infections, Cameron soon also developed an ear infection, Jameson came down with a stomach bug, and Ella then broke out in bad rash- an allergic reaction to her antibiotic. There was one point during one night ( a blur now) that all four kids were all up in misery at the same time. The rain water then came in our basement so now we will need to replace the rug, and over a foot of water flooded my parents basement where we are still staying during the construction project. At one point the water rose so high that it caused the furnace to emit clouds of thick black smoke, nearly starting an electrical fire. I smelled the something, opened the door to the basement, was enveloped in smoke- yelled to Jim that we needed to get out of here, grabbed the kids and the dog and called 911 on the way to the car, where we waited for the fire trucks to arrive. You can't make this stuff up! The firefighters shut down the gas lines and turned off the furnace and water boiler. So while a full scale fire was avoided- we are left with no heat or hot water until the flood subsides. Plumbers were here and have two pumps running, but it has still to make a dent in the water level. But the sun did come out today, everyone seems to be feeling better for now, and we got out to enjoy the day. I took the kids to a park with a great bike trail. The boys rode for the first time of the season and I pushed the girls in a stroller then let them walk pushing strollers of their own. It was a very enjoyable afternoon made even more so after the weekend we had!
Ella pushing her stroller and Jameson riding full speed ahead!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby

Today was Jim's birthday and the kids were so excited to help him celebrate. We made Jim a big breakfast and Cam remembered to set out the special day plate. Jameson had an origami lesson at school the other day and own his own, made Jim an origami balloon into which he inserted a happy birthday note. We had one of his favorite dinners, Chicken Veronique all ready to go when Jim got home from work. Cam, always thoughtful and generous, wrapped up some items from around the house to give to Daddy for his birthday. One gift in particular, I'm sure Jim will remember for years to come- Cam wrapped up a hockey puck of Jameson's which was autographed by one of the best players in the NHL, only before wrapping he scratched off the autograph and attempted to write his own name in its place. Oh Cam, he means so well! Everyone enjoyed the ice cream cake, especially Avery and Ella. They were jumping out of there seats while waiting for their slice and then literally licked their plates clean. What a mess! All in all, I think Jim had a nice birthday and we hope to get out this weekend to celebrate on our own. Happy Birthday Hon, we all love you so much, admire what an amazing dad you are and appreciate all your hard work!

Monday, March 8, 2010

End of the Season Makes My Monday

The Hockey Season is drawing to a close, and while I am thrilled with how much the boys have improved and I loved watching every game, I am happy that my part in chauffeuring them around to cold hockey rinks will soon be over, for a little while! To finish off the season the boys played in tournaments this past weekend. The hockey tournament fell on the same day as the basketball tournament making for a very busy day. Jameson's basketball team won their first game of the season and therefore advanced in the playoffs, and had to play again shortly after the first game. The weather was beautiful outside and at times I found myself hoping for a quick elimination (don't tell J) so we could all go enjoy some sunshine. Jameson was tired by the end of the day having played in four different games but happy to bring home a trophy! While Jim was working on the house, the girls were home with Nanny and Papa and it was the first time I left them for an entire day. While they loved spending time with their grandparents, they still gave me a hard time when I got home that evening, screamed when I left the room putting them to bed that night and were extra clingy that next day. While they make me so feel loved, it makes me very nervous to think about having to leave them for two days when I head to the hospital to deliver their baby brother or sister!
Here are some highlights from the weekend's games:

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Shoes

Who doesn't love a good shoe shopping trip? Shoes are one accessory that liven up any outfit and can make you feel better instantly. Unlike clothes shopping, new shoes don't mind how much weight you've put on, or how pale this winter has made you. Well, unfortunately it wasn't me that got to be on the receiving end of this latest shopping spree, but it was my girls turn and they loved every moment of their first shoe shopping adventure. They have both been walking for over a month now, but with all of the snow on the ground I didn't feel like I had to rush out and buy them real shoes just yet. However, over the weekend, the last of the snow melted away and I began to have visions of taking the girls to the playground once again, and unfortunately their Robeez will no longer suffice. So out we went in search of real rubber soled shoes. We headed to a local shoe store which I knew to carry Stride-Right first walker shoes. The girls both measured a size 5 with the right foot and 5 1/2 on the left- I guess they really are identical! The selection was limited because we happened to time it as they were packing away all of the winter inventory and still waiting for the spring selection to arrive. They didn't have any of the white first shoes I imagined them wearing in their correct sizes. Luckily, the girls had their own idea and pointed to a few bright pink pairs. After the production of getting everyone in the store and measured I wasn't about to leave empty handed so guess what? We purchased the pink shoes which they got to wear right out of the store. When I brought the girls back home I noticed that only one out of the four shoes was still on and now I'm beginning to think maybe Velcro wasn't the best idea!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Say What Wednesday?

Cameron was doing his "homework" yesterday (I give him a little activity to practice his numbers, letters, or just coloring each day to keep him busy and keep him from distracting Jameson while he does his homework), when he said, "Mom, I don't know how to write a menu in lower case letters."
"A menu?" I asked
"Yes, we've learned how to write all the other letters in lower case but not menu, yet."
I was still a little confused so he went on to explain "You know: H, I, J, K, L, menu, P,Q,R,S...."
Laughing to myself, I explained that it is " M, N, O" 3 separate letters which he does know how to write, rather than "menu". I think the ABC song makes a little more sense now...

Playing along with Missy at Two Little Monkeys on this Say What Wednesday

Saturday, February 13, 2010

15 months and growing...

Climbing and up to no good!
Avery loves her hats!

Ella makes the silliest faces and great fake laugh.

The girls are at such a cute age right now, I have to just stop and recall some of their new tricks. They have become proficient walkers, and while they still trip over anything tiny that lays in their path, fall down every few feet while walking outside or on any un-level surface, I think they have mastered this latest milestone for the most part. Their fine motor skills seem to be improving everyday as well. Avery especially, has become quite skilled at fitting puzzle pieces into the right place on the wooden board, and putting foam shapes around wooden pegs. They seem to enjoy it when we sit down and do these quiet activities. If I kneel down across the room from them they will walk as fast as they can, trying to run into my arms. The are such snuggle bunnies and whenever I sit down on the floor to play with them it isn't long before one crawls into my lap. They are so affectionate and love to give kisses; often without being asked. When Jim gets them up in the morning he says they always have a kiss for him too! Avery has a tendency to get a little jealous when I am cuddling with one of her siblings and does her best to pull them away from me and move in in their place. I hope it doesn't escalate when her new baby brother or sister comes along! But for the most part, Avery and Ella love to play with each other and when one heads off to explore, her sister is usually right behind her, giving her the confidence to venture somewhere or into something they know isn't for babies! They usually play very nicely with each other (or next to each other) but often want the same toy at the same time, and try and grab it. The victim usually lets out a shriek then turns to me for some comfort. The boys at this age where a bit more impulsive and would have let anyone trying to take their toy really have it (and by it I don't mean the toy). So we are working on taking turns, something I'm sure we will be grappling with for years to come. When one girl wants what the other has and is about to snatch it, I stop her and have her do the sign for "please" . We'll see if it catches on. Ella has really taken to sign for "more" and when she sees something she wants she points to it then signs "more" very deliberately, and faster until she gets what she wants. She is content to eat for an hour in her highchair and when I'm sure she must be full, she signs "more" and the food keeps coming. These little girls have amazing appetites and I have yet to find a food they do not like. Blueberries or "boobas" are at the top of their list right now. They are adding new words to their vocabulary every time I turn around. If you ask Avery what her favorite color is she answers "purple" with out hesitating. "JJ' is another favorite word of hers and she loves to follow her big brother Jameson around. Cameron is a little insulted the girls can't say his name, but they call him "JJ' too! While watching the Superbowl last weekend they delivered a new favorite phrase: "touchdown" or "tadown" while raising both arms above their head. I can't wait to see what words will come next. They are so sweet and provide me with a constant source of entertainment and enjoyment.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tooth Tales

The girls had their 15 month check up on Friday, and Cameron was home sick from school with a bad cough so I brought him along to be checked out. The girls have been sick with ear infections, coughs and colds and fevers all month long, but the Pediatrician thought they looked good, and despite all of their recent illnesses are still growing great. Ella weighs 22.5 pounds and Avery weighs 21 pounds. While we were there, Cameron turned to me to say that his mouth felt funny. When I looked at him I noticed a toothless gap in his bottom jaw. He had know idea that his first tooth had just fallen out, or where it might be for that matter. We were both taken by surprise as his tooth was not even loose before this, but he was still very excited. Luckily he found the tooth on the office floor and was able to take it home and put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. He was actually excited to get into bed that evening, and went without the usual fan fair! To Cameron's delight the tooth fairy did come that night and since then he has been busy trying to wiggle some other teeth free. We were back at the Dr.s today with Ella who has yet another ear infection, and is running a high fever. Hopefully she will be feeling better by tomorrow when the antibiotics kick in, and hopefully that was our last visit to the pediatricians for a while!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Words

Yesterday the girls both put together two words for the first time, quite an accomplishment before their 15 month birthday. Avery said "good girl" and Ella, so taken with my applause decided to follow suit and went on to repeat the same phrase. Here are two videos, each one catching the girls as they talk and clean and demonstrate their latest trick.