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our pad

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Troublesome Twosome

It didn't take long after Addison's birth for my two little angels to lose their halos. They loved their baby sister from the start, smother her in kisses, play gently with her and still giggle excitedly whenever they see her, but they definitely started acting out in other ways. In fact while I was still in the hospital after delivery, the first diaper incident took place. First Avery figured out how to unzip her jammies and take off her diaper, dirty diaper, while still in the crib. Ella was so impressed that she soon followed suit. I bought a potty seat in hopes that they were telling me they were ready to commence potty training but at 18 months they were not quite ready! After several messy awakenings, I figured out how to thwart their efforts by putting their sleepsacks on backwards. This worked for awhile until they realized they could stretch the neck hole over their shoulders and pull it down to free themselves and again take off their diapers. Who knew I had two Houdini's? Next I tried putting them in onesies-smart,right? Well they were smarter. It didn't take long for them to master unsnapping the snaps. Utterly exhausted from the laundry and scrubbing and disinfecting their bedroom, I thought to cut off all the feet of their footed pajamas so I could put them on backwards. This worked to keep the diapers on, until they girls figured out how to push their cribs together, climb into the same crib and unzip each other! They looked so proud when we found them standing in the one crib-diapers off once again! The crib tents have arrived in the mail so soon hopefully the climbing out will be a thing of the past. Oh the things twins are capable of! There was the infamous Desitin incident not long ago, when I left the girls by the changing table while I went to the other room to open a box of diapers. When I heard giggling from the other room I knew I was in trouble! I walked in to find the girls smothering themselves and each other in diaper cream- water soluble, so that was fun to clean up! It took a week of tubs twice a day to get all the grease out of their hair. The last time the girls climbed out of their cribs was at the B-Bop. They were very quiet so I didn't suspect a thing. I walked into to find they had gotten into my suitcase and dressed themselves in all of my clothes. There were shirts on their feet, bathing suits on their head-oh they were having a blast!In addition to the climbing,and de-diapering, the girls have figured out how to unbuckle their highchair belts, and unbuckle their car seats. Good times! They have also been fighting, taken up biting, hitting and pinching! They are the best of friends but when they both want the same thing at the same time, watch out! We have been trying timeouts and the girls know when their timeout is over to give their sister a kiss. So we are in quite a phase now and I have to stay one step ahead...and hopefully Ill get my two little angels back soon!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Addison

Now that I have a three month old, I guess it is time to update the old blog with news of her arrival. Baby Addison was born April 23rd, in the evening (Ive already forgotten the time, is that bad? It was definitely dark out.) weighing 8 pounds 1oz. I was induced a week past my due date and it was a very fast and easy delivery. So fast in fact that daddy almost missed the actual birth as he was advised by the Dr. that he had plenty of time to go grab some dinner before he met his new baby. No sooner had he walked out and stepped on the elevator was I ready to push! Luckily he had a cell phone on him and quickly made it back just in time. I was so surprised (pleasantly surprised) that she was a girl. She has been a most precious addition to our family since the day she was born. She is the sweetest little thing in the world and her siblings can't get enough of her. She was a great sleeper from the start and was sleeping for 8 hour stretches by 3 weeks old! What a keeper! Now she is so happy and smiley and just a joy to have around. I wish I could sit and hold her and kiss her all day long, but alas, their are four other children constantly vieing for my attention so now she is along for the ride...and what a ride it is!Baby Addie 3 months old!