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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Life in Status Updates

Life at the LilyPad through a collection of my recent Facebook status updates...

  • The summer activity and fun on the beach is proving too much for my kiddos. All five are now NAPPING (at the same time)! A swim almost to the vineyard and back for Jameson in his junior life guarding class and a baseball game followed by swim lessons for Cam, did them in!

Followed by this a day later, which explains the napping...

  • What's up with a summer virus? Four children and 1 husband have fallen victim to this latest plague. Shouldn't the summer heat kill those germs and July at least be a sick-free month?

  • Friday night is family pizza night in our house! Glad I don't have to cook in this heat...

  •  Cute? Yes! Terror? Absolutely

Photo: Cute? Yes. Terror? Absolutely!

  • Too much fun in the sun ....

Photo: Too much fun in the sun...

  • Another perfect beach day...I don't think they'll ever get tired of this!

  • Cameron earned himself a new set of wheels...

Photo: Cameron earned himself a new set of wheels!

  • Some work at their desk, some work better under it...

  • I thought sunscreen in the eyes was bad, but nothing is worse than orange juice in the eyes! Poor Addie!
  • My kids are pathetic at Hide n'seek. I mean hiding under a glass table? Really?

Photo: My kids are pathetic at Hide n' Seek.  I mean hiding under a glass table? Really?

  • While it was thoughtful of my 3-year-olds to attempt to help me with the laundry, I'm not sure the clothes were dirty enough to require a full bottle of detergent AND a full tub of Oxi-clean. I also might have been a tad more appreciative of their help had they not stood on the dryer door to reach the knobs, completely breaking it off its hinges. Time to call Maytag...
  • Sign of the times- 
Cameron: "Payphone" has got to be one of my favorite songs out there right now. What's a payphone?
Jameson: Its an iphone that lets you buy minutes as you go along rather than having a set data plan.

  • At Coldplay! Glad I no longer have to say that my last concert was Rod Stewart with my mom or Bob Seigar with my dad (don't get me wrong they were both great shows)!! 

Photo: Coldplay! Glad I no longer have to say that the last concert I went to was Rod Stewart with my mom or Bob Siegar with my dad ( don't get me wrong, both were great shows )!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Worm Girl

She may be wearing a tiara and a pink polka dot bikini, but Ella is no girly-girl.  In fact today she pronounced herself "Worm Girl!" Her favorite activity in the backyard is digging holes in damp shady spots and hunting for worms, which she picks up and plays with in her hands before placing in a little "habitat" she makes just for them. At the beach she is always on the hunt for fish or crabs which she also loves to pick up with her bare hands while the other beach-goers run squeamishly away.  Glad she is a girl who appreciates nature and has fun getting dirty!