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Monday, January 30, 2012

Things I'd like to remember (and some I'd wish to forget)

From the last full week in January of 2012...
I would like to remember all the free time I had to relax, cook, play with the kids during the time that would usually be spent doing laundry while our machine was broken for 4 days.
I would like to forget all the loads of laundry I have been doing playing catch-up since our machine was repaired and all the baskets still waiting to get cleaned- calling my name from the depths of the basement steps.
I would like to remember a great morning spent as a family at the zoo, and how the girls ran and skipped from one exhibit to the next teaming with excitement, and how Cameron, our official map holder, read interesting tidbits along the way and how Jameson captured the whole day on Camera.
I would like to forget Addie's fear of the gorillas and the shrieks she let out whenever we passed near their exhibit and how she still trembles when we mention the big monkeys.
I would like to remember this wonderful picture Avery made of a "ballerina wearing a crown"
and this one Ella drew

and this one Addie colored:
I would like to remember the kids all dancing to Annie's It's a Hard Knock Life and how all the kids now know all the words to that song.
I would like to forget the few late nights helping the boys complete some school projects due to some serious procrastination on both our parts.
I would like to remember how Avery and Ella manage to incorporate the words "probably" and "actually" into every sentence.
I would like to forget how the girls whine and cry when I won't give them what they want, and how the secretly go and ask their brothers who always give into them.
I would like to remember how Addison says "go mama" for here you go mama whenever she hands me something, and how she always wants to tag along with her brothers and sisters saying "come?"
I would like to remember how great Cam played in his last indoor soccer game of the season, running up and down the field and taking many shots on goal.
I would like to forget how he got left at a sports clinic over the weekend, and the phone call I received from a concerned parent who noticed him upset and alone after the coaches had left. In truth, he wasn't really forgotten about, Jim just dropped him off, ran to the store and thought it went a half hour longer than it did- but try explaining that to a distraught 8 year!
I would love to remember Ella and Addie running off to hide at bedtime and finding a giant lump under our covers and Addie pulling back the blankets as Jim and I walked in the room saying "We're hidin in hea!" then pulled the covers back over her head.
I would like to forget Addie constantly rearranging all the furniture in the kitchen, moving chairs to climb on counters, pulling things off the refrigerator, and reach cabinets. I am going to have to bolt everything down!

Friday, January 27, 2012

More Fun with Crayons...

Thanks to our wonderful babysitter for introducing us to the wonderful union that exists between a crayon and a hair dryer! The possibilities are as endless as the mirage of melting wax. Simply glue the crayons onto a canvas with super glue (we used Instant Krazy Craft Glue). Once the glue is dry and the crayons are held securely in place, prop the canvas up with the crayons at the top and place some newspapers under your work surface. Hold a hairdryer 4-6 inches away from your crayons and let the melting begin. The heat and gravity will do the work for you...
(Here's our picture perfect floral arrangement-just glue on artificial buds)

(A for Avery-the artist behind thus work)
(Bleeding hearts in time for Valentine's Day)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Twin Toilets

As a follow up to yesterdays post, there is one area where my twins are identical through and through, and that is as far as their internal plumbing is concerned. Since they were newborns they have shared the rare ability to synchronize their bowel movements. I remember every time I finished changing one twin and got cleaned up, with in minutes the other one would have soiled her diaper too. It is like they have shared an unspoken pact about when they have to go, from the get go! This has been a source of stress more than a convenience. Many times as babies they both had massive blowouts at the same moment, as toddlers they would both dirty their diapers during nap then encourage one another to remove the soiled diapers in their cribs, and now they fight for first rights on the toilet. The other day when they both had to go at the same time Avery ran for the downstairs bathroom and Ella settled for upstairs. As I helped Avery finish up, Ella decided to take matters into her own hands. She over looked the toilet paper and instead settled on Clorox Wipes found under the sink. Glad I walked in when I did...

Monday, January 23, 2012


Avery (L) Ella (R)
It sometimes blows my mind to think I have two very different little girls with the exact same DNA. They started from the same egg in the same womb and have shared nearly all the same experiences yet their personalities and abilities are so different at times. Ella is clearly the boss, the domineering of the two and Avery, while stubborn at times, is usually happy to oblige with her sister's wishes. Ella, the first born, is a real leader, always wants to be first and the star of the show, and Avery in her own little way manages to find just the right part to play in that show. Avery has a natural grace about her and seems to pick up things rather quickly and if something does not come naturally she will work at it until she has mastered it. She does not give up or get discouraged easily. Ella, confident and assured expects that new skills will come with ease and when they don't she can get frustrated or will leave it and move on to something else altogether. For an extrovert, she has a difficult time in new situations and likes to stay by her mom's side and ease into a crowd. Avery doesn't have the same reserve and will usually enter a class or a party with less hesitation. Ella is usually the first to answer or speak up, although Avery has her own opinions she will wait until her sister has spoken and will then contribute. And their voices and delivery are so different as well. I can decipher the difference in tone and pitch with out hesitation. It really is interesting to see these distinctions emerge. When someone asks me how how to possibly tell the difference between my two identical girls, I should just say watch and listen...and you will see for youself!