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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy First Birthday!

On Thursday, the girls celebrated their first Birthday. I can't believe how fast the year went by and how much they have grown and learned over the past 12 months. Unfortunately their first annual physical was scheduled for their actual birthday (not very nice planning on my part) and they each received 3 painful shots as an unwelcome gift. It was, however, good to hear how well they are doing and learn that while the girls are still a pound apart, Avery has caught up to Ella in height. Ella has past the 20 pound mark and Avery weighs in at 19 pounds 4 oz. The appointment also brought exciting news that the girls can now have whole milk (no more buying formula for a little while), and the girls can ride forward facing in their car seats. The birthday got a heck of a lot better after that when the girls got their first taste of cake after dinner that night. It was the first sweet the have ever had and they inhaled the cupcake placed in front of them, and managed to get frosting just about everywhere. They loved the little dollhouse we got them as a gift and it was so cute to see them sit and actually play with the little figurines! Yesterday was their party and family and friends were coming from near and far. That was until they all got the news that Jameson was sick with "flu like symptoms." Relatives and friends with kids were obviously worried about the recent H1N1 epidemic so I understood them not wanting to enter our contaminated home. But some die-hard party goers came none-the-less and helped the girls celebrate with a truly memorable first birthday party. I went crazy decorating and turning the house into a pink palace for them, and arranged sentimental pictures and items that highlighted their first year. I also hung some of my favorite outfits of theirs from the past year on a clothes line strung across the family room to show how they have grown from their days in preemie clothing to the 18month jumpers they wear now. They got lots of great presents and the highlight was seeing them enjoy their cake again last night. Ella shoveled it in so quickly then clapped her frosting covered hands showing her appreciation. Avery took her time with her slice of cake and managed to maintain a somewhat neat face and highchair tray. Although they probably won't remember this birthday we got some great pictures that captured this exciting milestone!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Fun

Wow, I guess we have had a very busy start to fall, because it has been a while since I last posted. The girls have been mobile for sometime, crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. Avery started right after Labor day, and Ella joined her in a real crawl (after pulling herself around on her belly) two weeks later. They can now clap on demand, raise both arms up to the sky when we say "touchdown", tell us what the duckie says, dance when music plays and give kisses. The boys are having so much fun with them now, and I often catch them carrying the girls around, which doesn't look that safe! Jameson has been busy with hockey, lacrosse and soccer and Cameron is exhausted from full day kindergarten! He's playing soccer too, but isn't loving it yet!
This weekend we got out for some family fun and foliage while apple picking. We found a great orchard with farm animals, ride on tractors and great trees the kids could climb to get huge apples. We made a delicious pot roast in homemade apple cider and finished it off with a delicious apple pie. Now we just have to decide what to do with the hundreds of other apples we have left over!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School

Last week the boys headed back to school! Jameson nonchalantly walked into his third grade classroom, took his seat and gave me a little wave goodbye (below the desk, as to not attract attention). I blew him a kiss, probably embarrassing him then walked Cameron across to the his building for his first day of Kindergarten. He was very excited about his big day and happy to see his old friends from preschool. He wasn't nervous at all and his first day of kindergarten was a success. Today is the boys first full day of school and tomorrow the bus. I am enjoying my quiet morning with just the girls and loving this time of the year!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Busy and Rainy Week

I haven't been able to find the time to post about all the exciting things we have been up to this past week, but since I last wrote we got the pictures from Jameson's great baseball birthday, took the boys to a a very exciting minor league baseball game and celebrated my father's birthday.  All the kids had a great time at Jameson's party and he thought it was his favorite so far.
My boys were then so excited to go to the professional baseball game, and both followed every play very carefully.  When I asked Cameron if he wanted to come with me to get some dessert from a vendor he said he couldn't miss any of the game. Despite this, they still managed to fill up on hot dogs, ice cream and fried dough! It was such a fun night and Jim and I loved spending the time with our boys.  
We then celebrated my father's birthday with a nice dinner at the Cape with Aunts, Uncles and cousins.  The kids were so happy to catch up with their cousins.  Now the sun is shining after a solid month of rain and the kiddos are relieved to be playing outside with their dad who was able to get out of work early because of the holiday weekend. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Here's a picture of all the kiddos, a little tired after Jameson's Birthday party earlier this evening. Notice the boys are wearing their team T-shirts I made for the big event! Believe it or not, we were able to get the party in after one round of thunderstorms moved through but before the next line of storms hit. For the two hours of J's party at a baseball field in town, the sun shone more brightly than it has all month, lucky for him because we had already rescheduled once due to the rain! The boys all had a really great time playing baseball, hitting in the home run derby, eating hot dogs, popcorn and cupcakes and slugging away at the baseball pinata. It was a superb end to another rainy week!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Theatre: Giggles Galore

This video captures the girls really cracking up over a bunny shaped mirror. Who knew that could be so funny? It also demonstrates Ella's new mode of getting around - the roll. She has realized that she can get across the room, or at least move to a desired toy by completing a series of full body rolls. It is really something to behold! Avery is content staying in one place for now, even when Ella rolls right over her!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toothless Twos-day

Jameson showing off his new toothless grin
Avery chewing on her new teether, while her first teeth are trying to break through

Ella showing off her toothless grin (but not toothless for long)!

Jameson lost his first upper tooth last night, while lying in bed "trying to fall asleep". It was barely wiggly but he was bound and determined and sure enough, out it came just in time to be placed under his pillow. The large gap and slight new speech impediment earned him a shiny new $5 bill from the Tooth Fairy. On the other end of things, the girls are on the verge of getting their first teeth! They have been drooling incessantly, putting anything and everything into their mouths for weeks, and now the white mounds are evident right below the surface of their gums. I'm sure those teeth will be breaking through any day now. Hopefully they will not use them with any ill-will like their big brother Cameron (nick named "jaws") often did as toddler when things didn't go his way! For now I will enjoy the last few drooling toothless kisses from my girls!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Vacation Makes My Monday

The kiddos posing for Father's Day The gang at Father's Day Dinner

A little break from the rain this weekend

Today was the first Monday of summer vacation. Although the rain continues to pour down outside and the temperatures have barely reached the 60 degree mark, it has been a nice start to summer vacation. This morning there were no lunches to pack, no uniforms to find, and no bus to race after at 7:45 am! That alone made my Monday. In fact the kiddos and I stayed in our PJ's till 10:00 and had a nice leisurely morning playing UNO and making a craft. It was a great continuation to our Father's Day Weekend, only today Dad's not around to join in the fun. Yesterday Jim slept in then enjoyed a delicious breakfast the boys and I prepared. He loved the cards the boys made, the girls painted hand prints and the tickets to upcoming baseball game. It was great to have a day to show how much we all love and appreciate what a truly great dad he is. Later we celebrated with my Father and Father-in-law (two other great dads) with a party at our in house also in honor of Jameson's birthday. Over the years J has come to expect a family party in addition to kids party with all of his friends! Although the weather ruined our plans for an actual cookout it was still great getting together with the grandparents, cousins, Aunts and Uncle!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Jameson's birthday party was scheduled for today, 24 boys at a local field for a baseball game, hot dogs, cake and ice cream. Well, after a solid week+ of rain, we decided to reschedule for next week, although someone suggested that I could just have it at my house- 24 boys at my house, I don't think so! The turnout will not be so great next week, as everyone will be in summer vacation mode by then, but it will still be a party, providing this rain finally stops. School is out for the season but it certainly doesn't feel like summer! Sun, please come out soon, Jameson would like to ride his new bike, Cameron would like to climb some trees, and I would like them both to stop climbing the walls! It would also be nice to get the girls out for a walk and some fresh air.

Here's a clip of the girls getting some indoor exercise earlier today while the rain poured down outside!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 Years Old!

Where has the time gone? My baby boy, my first born, the one who turned me into a mother, turned 8 years old today! Eight seems so old to me, because I still remember turning 8 like it was yesterday! I remember my Mad Hatter Tea Party birthday and being so embarrassed of my parents when they walked in dressed in costume as a waitress and butler. I remember rolling my eyes at my dad's slicked back hair and tuxedo and wondering what my friends would think. I remember feeling so old! Hopefully Jameson is not embarrassed of me today on his eighth birthday. He woke up excited for the day. He had Belgium waffles his Dad made on the Special Day Plate then opened his present- a new helmet. He seemed excited at this alone, but when we wheeled in his brand new 10-speed bike his mouth dropped to the floor. He immediately went outside in his pj's to give it a test run up and down the street. At school his class sung to him and enjoyed the cupcakes I sent in. Tonight we are off to the end of the year picnic at school, then cake and candles when we get home.
Hopefully Cam will be able to join in the fun at the school outing, but he is still sore from spraining his ankle Sunday night. Yesterday he couldn't put any weight on it and after X-rays luckily revealed no break, we were sent home with crutches and an air cast. But what difference a day makes- he is walking around today with only a slight limp!
The girls have recently achieved a milestone of their own- sitting up by themselves! They were a little late getting the hang of it, but here's a clip of them sitting up so proud....(for a moment while it lasted)!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Moving On UP (Pre-K Graduation)

The class at the after-party
Cam and one of his teacher's

Cam's pre-K art work

Portait of mom and dad
The Fantastic Four Cam and his little friend Cam and his teacher

The Proud Parents

The boys heading to kindergarten w/cam

Today was a monumental day in the life of our five year-old! Today Cameron graduated from Pre-school and is now heading full speed ahead to Kindergarten. He had a great year with two teachers he adored and some very close friends. This year he loved learning sign language, perfected writing his letters and developed a real love for learning. He will be moving on in school with three of his best friends who were absolutely inseparable, even when they didn't bring out the best in each other! Cameron received a great report card which commented on his artistic talent and how caring and well liked his is. According to his report, his only weakness fell on his not being able to take a turn as a follower (always the leader)! I was so proud of him today as he processed in to "Pomp and Circumstance" thinking of his accomplishments and how far he has come since I first brought him through those doors as two year old in the toddler class!

Cam's graduating class processing in to the ceremony

Cam singing one of his songs from graduation

Monday, June 1, 2009

Seven Months Old!

May 29th the girls turned 7 months! I really enjoy this age where their days have fallen into a nice rhythm of two naps, two meals and four bottles. Nighttime is now for sleeping and although they are up with the birds they are happy in their cribs for almost an hour before Jim or I get them at 6:30. During the day they are content sitting in their bumbos, happy bouncing in their excersaucers, love strolling around the block and enjoy watching their brothers play in the front yard while relaxing on a quilt in the shade. They are still working on sitting up all by themselves. Avery can sit for maybe 10 seconds where Ella has sat for almost a minute before tipping to the side . I am not looking forward to the day when they are walking (most likely in opposite directions) and I am busy trying to corral them. Jameson and Cam were early walkers (9 and 10 months respectively) but I have a feeling the girls will not be setting any records- maybe the fact that they are twins, or the 3rd and fourth children but they seem in no rush to make those milestones early which is just fine with me!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


As I helped the girls with a first drink from their sippy cups, Cameron ran over, sat down beside me, and said "Girls I am so proud of you, I never thought I'd see the day when you would be drinking real water from a real cup." He always surprises me with the things he comes out with and always makes me laugh with his comments. He is now five and almost everyday there is something I think I should write down to remember when he is older. Of course I never do and now regret that I can not remember most of them, but before any more time goes by I will attempt to capture some of the more memorable Cameronisms.
I should have know he was going to be a character when the first two words he ever put together where to describe a favorite toy: dump and truck which he pronounced "dumb fu#*". I would get some interesting looks from other parents as he ran around the playground carrying his beloved truck and shouting that profanity. I remember one day, when he was a little older him walking into the kitchen with his face and top of his shirt soaking wet. "Cameron!" I said sternly, "Did you spill your drink?" "Oh no Mommy I didn't spill" he replied innocently, "I was just blowing bubbles in the potty!"
The holidays always provided the background for some great expressions by Cameron. When making a trip to visit Santa, I asked him what he was going to ask the big guy for. He casually answered "his list". He thought he was destined for coal and was bringing along a pen to transfer his name from the naughty to the good list. After Christmas was over and I was busy packing up the decorations Cameron walked over to me and casually stated "I don't know if our chimney is going to fit in that box, Mom," thinking our chimney was something we only took out once a year for Santa's annual decent into our fireplace!
Cam also had a lot to say about the babies. When we first broke the news to the boys that they were going to be big brothers, and have two babies, Cameron excitedly asked me, "Could you grow two puppies instead?" He soon came around to the idea of becoming a big brother, and wanted to get involved in the naming process. He said he picked the "bestest" names in the world for them, which he later disclosed where, Cameron and Cameron. While not original, it was nice that he was willing to share his own name with his new siblings. We decided to bring the boys along to an ultrasound appointment so they could catch a glimpse of the babies. We chose not to find out the twins gender, but Cameron said he was going to peek and see if they were girls or boys. I of course thought he was referring to peeking at the lower anatomy, but he later explained he was going to peek and see if their hair was long (=girls) or short (boys)!
I am convinced he is smart beyond his years however, others may beg to differ. Recently he had his interview for kindergarten and when the teacher asked him his phone number he confidently stated 911 ( a number he has "accidentally" dialed a few times in the past). While standing in front of a map outside the Dr.'s office a few weeks ago I asked him to locate Florida as we had recently flown to visit my parents there. "Hmmmmm" he said carefully scrutinizing the map, "I know its on there somewhere near heaven because we pass through the clouds to get there."
Putting Cam to bed is always an ordeal as he has more excuses and more ways of dragging out the whole process, and while exhausting now, I know at some future juncture I might look back and find it somewhat entertaining. So here is Cameron's bedtime ritual with some variation each night: 7:00 upstairs, brush teeth, go potty, get in PJs, pick out story, read story, say prayers, kisses and hugs, good night! Moments later from the top of the stairs: "Mom, I'm soooo thirsty. I didn't have anything to drink all day. I think I'm dehydrated! Can I please have just a little cup of water?" Well I know very well that he just had a glass of water with dinner, but it was hot out today, and maybe he didn't have anything to drink at school, so I give in and bring up one little cup of water, kisses and hugs, goodnight! Moments later: "Mom, I just drank all that water, I have to go to the bathroom again! You don't want me to wet the bed, do you?" No I don't. We have had some wet beds in the past so up I march, bring him to the bathroom, back to bed, kisses and hugs, goodnight! Moments later: "Mom I forgot to wash my hands, you don't want me to sleep with germs do you?" No, he's right...I hate germs. Back upstairs to make sure he doesn't overdue it with the soap which happens a lot (suds on the mirror, floor, his face, his hair). Washes hands, back to bed, kisses and hugs, good night! Moments later: "Mom, I miss you, your the nicest mom I ever had, just one more kiss, pleeeeeease, I love you sooooo much, please just one more hug?" Well he really does love me, and I would feel guilty all night if I didn't let him give me one more hug. So up I go, kisses and hugs goodnight." Moments later: I hear some things banging around upstairs. So up I go, open his door to find him sitting in bed with a flashlight thumbing through a book. "Cameron!" I say sternly. He looks at me, looks down at the book, looks back at me, looks back at the book, "Hmmm" he says still looking at the book in his hand, "how did this get here?" I grab the book, turn off the light, walk out, shut the door! Moments later : I walk back in to a sleeping baby boy, kisses and hugs, goodnight!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Date Night

Saturday Jim and I got out for a long overdue date night. These have been few and far between since we brought the girls home, so it was so refreshing to get out for a great meal, a little wine and some nice adult conversation. We put the girls to bed, ordered a pizza for the boys and left all four kids in the capable hands of Uncle Bobby. Since it was his first time with all four, we decided to stay local. We struck out at the first restaurant (reservations only) but ended up at Isabella's where we soon realized that uninterrupted adult conversation always turns back to talking about the kids! Growing up, Saturday night was date night in my house. My parents would go out for dinner every Saturday, often leaving my older siblings to babysit my brother and me. I never liked being left behind and my older brother and sister were often resentful that they had to stay in and watch us, but lucky for them there was the Love Boat to watch on TV! As I got older, however, my highschool friends and I looked forward to my parents heading in town for their dates and as I became a parent, I realized the importance of these nights out in a relationship and hope to also make Saturday night date night a tradition in our house!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Half Year Check Up

This past week the girls went to see our now good buddy, Dr. Shusterman, for their 6 month check-up. After a long winter with four kids we got to know Doc pretty well through three rounds of strep, one case of pneumonia, four ear infections, three flues, several cases of conjunctivitis, one broncheolitis, two bouts of thrush, two cases of roseola, a multitude of unexplained rashes and 4 colds that lasted from November to March. So I was glad we were there finally for a well visit- not so glad to see the waiting room lined with patients with masks on- perhaps the latest victims of the dreaded swine flu. But in we marched (or paraded with the double-snap-n-go) prepared with a fresh bottle of hand sanitizer and germ-X hand wipes to an abandoned corner, careful not to sit down and risk contamination. When we finally got called in the girls were in their usual good spirits which lasted until vaccine time: eight shots in all, two in each leg. The girls were crying and I think I might have been crying as they looked at me as if to say, "Why are you just standing there, letting this happen to me?" Luckily the crying stopped as soon as I picked them up and that bout of screaming certainly tuckered them out. They fell asleep on the car ride home and slept for close to five hours until I finally woke them for dinner. Dr. Shusterman was pleased with the girls growth and development and he thought they had more than caught up for being a month premature. Ella tipped the scales at 16 lbs 4 oz and measured 26.25" putting her in the 46 percentile for weight and 60% for height. Apparently she has been eating all of Avery's food because little Ava weighed in at just 14lbs 13 oz and measured 25.74" long placing her in the 19th percentile for weight and 40th percentile for height. But both girls are growing well along their charts and I was surprised to learn are now ready to try drinking from a sippycup and eating Gerber Puffs and Cheerios. Here's a clip of their first experience with real food:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Today was a great day to be a mom in my house. I slept in until 8:30 then came down stairs to a beautifully set table with a breakfast of green eggs and ham and yogurt parfait the boys had prepared for me. There were home-made gifts and cards including baby foot imprints of the girls which Jim had painstakingly made, adorning the table and a beautiful centerpiece of fresh flowers. Cameron told me I was "the goodest mom he'd ever had" and Jameson kept reiterating how much he loved me. The girls also made me feel so loved with their big grins and happy disposition. After my wonderful morning at home it was off to celebrate with my mom- the person who taught me everything about how to be a loving mother-always putting her children first. Aunt Tammy hosted a beautiful brunch and Nanny was so happy to be surrounded by all of her children and grandchildren. Nanny also loved that some of her Philadelphia relatives where able to join us and ease the longing she feels everyear on this day for her own mother. We returned home for a cookout with Jim's family in honor of NannyLil. Everyone brought something and Jim and Ampa worked the grill so us mothers were able to just relax and enjoy the beautiful afternoon outside. After everyone left, we all headed out to the front yard where the boys busied themselves planting the pink and white impatiens they had picked out for me. It was a day I will be able to remember all summer long when I look at those flowers blooming in the front yard.