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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tooth Tales

The girls had their 15 month check up on Friday, and Cameron was home sick from school with a bad cough so I brought him along to be checked out. The girls have been sick with ear infections, coughs and colds and fevers all month long, but the Pediatrician thought they looked good, and despite all of their recent illnesses are still growing great. Ella weighs 22.5 pounds and Avery weighs 21 pounds. While we were there, Cameron turned to me to say that his mouth felt funny. When I looked at him I noticed a toothless gap in his bottom jaw. He had know idea that his first tooth had just fallen out, or where it might be for that matter. We were both taken by surprise as his tooth was not even loose before this, but he was still very excited. Luckily he found the tooth on the office floor and was able to take it home and put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. He was actually excited to get into bed that evening, and went without the usual fan fair! To Cameron's delight the tooth fairy did come that night and since then he has been busy trying to wiggle some other teeth free. We were back at the Dr.s today with Ella who has yet another ear infection, and is running a high fever. Hopefully she will be feeling better by tomorrow when the antibiotics kick in, and hopefully that was our last visit to the pediatricians for a while!

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