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our pad

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Due Date

So baby #5's due date passed 5 days ago. April 18th came and went and still no baby. Who would have thought a fifth child would come late? Perhaps he/she knows the craziness that awaits him or her on the outside and is relishing the last of the peace and quiet. The boys are getting impatient and have been expecting the baby for weeks. The girls point to my belly or theirs and say "baby" but don't really grasp that they will be big sisters. They do however sense that change is near and have started acting out a little bit. They have been extra clingy wanting to be held a lot, hard with an enormous belly and an extra 50 pounds! They have also been asserting their independence, saying "no", wanting to walk on their own (not hold hands or ride) and Ella even bit Avery the other day. I hope things settle down once we bring the baby home but know it might take some time. I hope they know they will still be my special baby girls even when we bring home a new baby. All my children are special to me in their own way and adding a new baby to the mix will only reinforce that. So tomorrow we head to the hospital so I can be induced and finally meet this little angel which has been moving and growing inside me for over nine months!

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  1. Good luck. I hope you meet your new baby soon. As much as i know I am done, I would love to have another baby!