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Friday, June 24, 2011

Jameson turns 10!

June 16th Jameson celebrated his tenth Birthday and I celebrated a decade as a Mother. It was also the first day of summer vacation, and Jameson had a yummy birthday breakfast and Jim presented him with a Bruins Stanley Cup shirt which he picked up at 5 am that morning after Jameson's favorite team's victory the night before. I took all five kiddos to lunch at the mall to celebrate and then that night we took Jameson and his best buddies to a Japanese Steak House for a fun birthday dinner. I still can't believe my little boy is in the double digits and perhaps that is because he still seems so young and sweet and innocent. My first born is still very much a Mommy's boy who likes to cuddle, hugs me when he walks in from school and is naive to pressures, fads and language of other boys his age. He is, however, well beyond his years in terms of his responsible attitude, taking great care of his school work, his chores, and his younger siblings. They all look up to him and he is so patient and gentle and caring with all of them. He is also looked up to by his teachers and his classmates, so well liked by all the children in his grade- able to play sports and hang with the most athletic popular kids in his grade and also a good friend to the students who need it most. He has a sweet little sense of humor and it quite easy to, in turn. make him laugh. Jameson is very spiritual, always saying his prayers and remembering Jesus in all he does. My boy has a wonderful positive attitude which always brings out the best in everyone around him. I am a better mother because of him and I often wish I could more closely emulate his calm and peaceful manner. Jameson, you have become everything I would have hoped you would be in these past ten years and make me so proud with all of your accomplishments but I am especially proud of the the kind young man you are today. I am inspired by your sweet sincerity and I hope you always know how lucky I feel to be made your Mommy! Happy Birthday to my little Star!

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  1. Oh Amanda, I just read this now and it brought me to tears! So sweet and so nicely written! Please promise you'll print this and put it in his baby book, or something like that... if you haven't already. My little man will be 6 in just over a week and I can't believe it! Hope all is well with your family, when do/did your kiddos start school? Are the girls in preschool?