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Friday, May 4, 2012

My First Communion Decorations and Ideas

I love entertaining and the details that go into making a party truly memorable. For a First Communion, I didn't want to go over the top with decorations, just wanted a few nice touches to help this important milestone stand out.  Simple tulips and white candle crosses on the center of a small table looked classy but still understated.   
I came up with a collage of pictures of the special child, formed into the shape of a cross, showing how they've grown from the age of their baptism and it served as a nice focal point. I used masking tape to adhere the pictures to a wall and they easily peeled off after our event's conclusion. 
I made a banner out of scrap booking paper to match our napkins and color scheme, cutting out pendants and letters to spell out "Congrats Cameron."  I hung it with pretty blue ribbon and strung it above a table which held party favors.

 Another nice sentimental decorative touch was to hang pictures of parents, grandparents, and other relatives who will be in attendance, on their own First Communion day. I hung them from ribbon with clothes pins, and mounted them on an array of different scrap booking papers in varying shades and patterns of blue .

I thought it would be nice to send guests home with a token to remember the special day so I created a few favors.  I purchased simple unfinished wooden crosses at a craft store, then painted them white and using a blue Sharpie Paint Pen, inscribed Cameron's First Communion and the date.  I tied a blue and white ribbon to the top of each cross and had them set out in a metal bucket. I also purchased small Terra cotta pots and painted them white and tied a ribbon around each one. Inside I put a packet of seeds to grow their own Forget-Me-Nots.

For food I made a bunch of different quiches, some pasta salad, fruit salad served in little cups, and  green salad. For dessert I made brownies in the shape of a cross using a cookie cutter. I also made white-chocolate lollipops and stood them up in a small grass pot. For my older sons First Communion I also made a gingerbread house church, complete with a steeple and cross on top and decorated it all with simple white piping. We also served cake and cookies dedicated to our Communicant.  It was a special day whose memories we will treasure for years to come!


  1. All those touches are so amazing! I especially love how you incorporated the pictures into the decoration.

  2. I love the picture idea! Nice inspiration.

  3. great ideas! thanks for sharing =)