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our pad

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mini Monets

Ella, family sketch, age 6

Here is some recent work from my little artists. If I preserve it on the blog, I am then free to remove it from the fridge and quietly move it to the recycling bin, right? These girls are very prolific colorers...

Avery, gearing up for St. Patrick's Day,Age 6

Avery, always fashionable, and accessorizing with a rainbow kitty
Avery, who forgot to write, "I liked to build a snowman in the winter, like the first time it snowed a foot, but then not so much when the snow got to be 8 feet high."
Ella, hopefully some lamb days commin' soon
Addie, we'll say...experimenting with colors
And how could I forget my sweet, "Abbie's" school work:

Great work Abbie, now if we could spend less time coloring and more time working on your letters...