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our pad

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Fun

Wow, I guess we have had a very busy start to fall, because it has been a while since I last posted. The girls have been mobile for sometime, crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. Avery started right after Labor day, and Ella joined her in a real crawl (after pulling herself around on her belly) two weeks later. They can now clap on demand, raise both arms up to the sky when we say "touchdown", tell us what the duckie says, dance when music plays and give kisses. The boys are having so much fun with them now, and I often catch them carrying the girls around, which doesn't look that safe! Jameson has been busy with hockey, lacrosse and soccer and Cameron is exhausted from full day kindergarten! He's playing soccer too, but isn't loving it yet!
This weekend we got out for some family fun and foliage while apple picking. We found a great orchard with farm animals, ride on tractors and great trees the kids could climb to get huge apples. We made a delicious pot roast in homemade apple cider and finished it off with a delicious apple pie. Now we just have to decide what to do with the hundreds of other apples we have left over!


  1. I made a great sweet and sour apple chicken recipe once....I can dig it out if you want!
    We are moving on Monday. I can't wait to have all of this behind me!!

  2. Make an apple crisp...just be careful about whose around bc you might wake up in the morning and find it DEVOURED!

    I missed your blog the past month--i am sure you are so busy but I love reading it AND looking at pics of all the kids:)

    See you this weekend! Love, Em