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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy First Birthday!

On Thursday, the girls celebrated their first Birthday. I can't believe how fast the year went by and how much they have grown and learned over the past 12 months. Unfortunately their first annual physical was scheduled for their actual birthday (not very nice planning on my part) and they each received 3 painful shots as an unwelcome gift. It was, however, good to hear how well they are doing and learn that while the girls are still a pound apart, Avery has caught up to Ella in height. Ella has past the 20 pound mark and Avery weighs in at 19 pounds 4 oz. The appointment also brought exciting news that the girls can now have whole milk (no more buying formula for a little while), and the girls can ride forward facing in their car seats. The birthday got a heck of a lot better after that when the girls got their first taste of cake after dinner that night. It was the first sweet the have ever had and they inhaled the cupcake placed in front of them, and managed to get frosting just about everywhere. They loved the little dollhouse we got them as a gift and it was so cute to see them sit and actually play with the little figurines! Yesterday was their party and family and friends were coming from near and far. That was until they all got the news that Jameson was sick with "flu like symptoms." Relatives and friends with kids were obviously worried about the recent H1N1 epidemic so I understood them not wanting to enter our contaminated home. But some die-hard party goers came none-the-less and helped the girls celebrate with a truly memorable first birthday party. I went crazy decorating and turning the house into a pink palace for them, and arranged sentimental pictures and items that highlighted their first year. I also hung some of my favorite outfits of theirs from the past year on a clothes line strung across the family room to show how they have grown from their days in preemie clothing to the 18month jumpers they wear now. They got lots of great presents and the highlight was seeing them enjoy their cake again last night. Ella shoveled it in so quickly then clapped her frosting covered hands showing her appreciation. Avery took her time with her slice of cake and managed to maintain a somewhat neat face and highchair tray. Although they probably won't remember this birthday we got some great pictures that captured this exciting milestone!

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