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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Avery and Ella turm TWO!

This weekend the girls celebrated their second birthday! I can't believe how fast it has all gone by. The sweet little 4 and 5 pound babies I brought home from the hospital have turned into talking, running and yes sometimes fighting 27 and 28lb toddlers. They have been singing happy birthday (always inserting their sisters' name on the Happy Birthday to....part of the song) for weeks and they were very excited for their special day, especially the cake and cupcakes as they call any sweet a "happy buwtday"! They loved their new playhouse and dolls and doll accessories and the new shoes the got! They spent a very nice day with Nanny complete with a tea party and a real manicure! They love showing off their bright pink nails! All of their playgroup friends came over for a costume party and everyone had a great time. Now that they are Two here are some of their favorite things:
Ella loves her baby sister "Addie", dancing, her baby dolls, carrying any and everything around in a bag, socks (sometimes several pairs on at a time), "nacks" snacks-appledauce, numnumss, fishies, Barney, her pacifier "nah" and helping Mommy unload the dishwasher.

Avery also loves her sister "Addie", playing on her car outside, going on the "wee" (swing), playing with her dolls and dressing them in her clothes, shoes especially heels, getting into my purse and covering herself in lipstick and concealer, puzzles and of course her "nah and bitty"!
I am so excited for all that this next year will bring with my twin toddlers. I love listening to them talk and can't wait for them to continue to build real sentences. Just today I heard Ella say to Avery who was on the counter (pointing her finger), "Avie hop down, not for Babies!" Im sure lots more fun is on the way!

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