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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Wonderland

My last post was long before the first snowfall of the season, and as of now we have'nt seen the ground in weeks so I guess its been awhile! Three feet of snow cover the yard outside and it is really something to behold! Most people are sick of this weather, but I admit I love the snow and welcome more (as long as no more leaks in roof appear and as long as our basement stays dry). The boys have had the best time playing outside with our neigbors, building igloos, sledding down the mountain of snow formed by the plow at the end of the street, and skating in the backyard rink-enjoying a true winter wonderland! Avery also loves the snow and just being outside. When she sees the boys suiting up to go out she immediatley starts putting on her boots as well and doesn't want to come in until her cheeks are bright red and little finger tips are frozen. Ella, however, would rather stay inside and sip hot cocoa-a girl after my own heart. Addison seems to enjoy the fresh air but much of this winter has been too cold for her to be outside for long. Within the past week she has started crawling (if you can call it that)! It was such bliss being able to plop her anywhere and have her stay in one place, contently playing with a toy, but now that she is mobile it is a whole new world! She is still as sweet as always, I just have to watch her every second to make sure she doesn't wedge herself under the couch or pick up a small speck off the rug to taste. She seems to be really playing with the girls now which is really fun to see, the age gap between the three girls is really narrowing. Avery is almost fully potty trained now, and it has gone smoothly- she immediatlet runs to use the potty when she has to go and then is rewarded with an M&M. Her bladder is about the size of an M&M so she uses the potty quite frequently. Ella doesn't get the whole potty thing just yet which is fine with me....she'll get there eventually! Cam and J are busy with hockey, and homework and basketball on the weekkends- too busy in fact! We have learned we need to pick one sport a season, one which they really love and slow down so we have time to catch our breath and have time to spend as a family-maybe when spring comes!

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