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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Projects

Easter is just a few days away and we have been crafting up a storm getting ready for the big day. The girls love their project time, usually in the morning while Addie squeezes in her morning nap. We made bunny ears to wear, little bunnies to pet and play with, a candy Easter egg topiary, bunny puppets, little birds nest filled with eggs, and decorated bags to bring home our loot at the Easter egg hunts we have been invited to this weekend. We will wait to dye actual eggs until the day before Easter, but everyone is looking forward to that!

Bunny Ears:

These we made by cutting a band long enough to fit around the girls head out of a paper bag. I then cut out ears and had the girls glue soft fuzzy pom-poms onto them. They then glued the ears onto poster board so they wouldn't flop over. I then stapled these onto the bands and stapled the bands closed (with staples facing out). It was a very simple project but the girls loved hopping around showing off their new ears.

Birds Nests:

I got a little inspiration for these at FamilyFun.com, but simplified a bit for the two year old crowd. We began by gathering twigs from the yard-killed two birds with one stone (no pun intended): yard clean-up and an engaging project all rolled into one. We brought these inside and then glued them to a brown paper lunch bag which we rolled and squished down to form a nest. The girls then stuffed their nests with grass and arranged plastic and wooden eggs inside.

Egg Topiary:

This was a project more geared towards the boys as it involved sharp toothpicks. We began by sticking a toothpick (broken in half) into a chocolate wrapped egg, then stuck the other end of the tooth pick into an egg shaped Styrofoam ball covering it almost entirely. The boys left a small bit on the bottom of the egg uncovered to allow room for a stick which we found outside to form the trunk of our topiary. We then stuck the trunk into a pot to stand up straight. We then tied a bow around the base to finish it off and now have it on display. I do have to keep turning the tree to hide the bare spots from little sneaky fingers!

Bunny Sock Friends:

We have so many socks with out matches so it was great to put these to use. The
girls each filled a sock with rice and orzo, then I tied off a head with an
elastic band and tied off ears with some ribbon. I then cut the ears out from
the top of the sock. The girls glued on eyes and a cotton tail and have been
busy playing with their furry friends ever since!

Easter Bags:

We have two Easter Egg Hunts this weekend not including our own,
so I picked the girls up some paper bags and Easter stickers and let them go to
town decorating the bags to put all their plastic eggs in!

Bunny Puppets:

The girls glued ears, a nose, bowtie, and cottontail onto a
brown lunch bag to make these fun bunnies, which have been singing and hopping
around the house all


  1. What great projects! We made the bird's nest too (although, I think I made most of it). The bunny ears one is so cute. We'll have to try that one. :o)

  2. Hi Amanda! Your children are beautiful! So glad you stopped by my blog, so I could follow yours! What fun Easter crafts! The ears are too cute!! Happy Easter!

  3. Hi there! Your kids are beautiful. We're new fans from the sunday blog hop. Love your Easter crafts! Great ideas.
    Hope you can stop by!

  4. How in the world do you find the time with five children???
    You are amazing!