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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Avery and Ella crack me up with the things they say recently. They talk about thier "Baby Gemmas" constantly. All of their dolls are named "Gemma " after their baby cousin. "My baby Gemma hungry," "My baby Gemma no yike this show," "My baby Gemma want bubba." When they are fighting over one doll in particular it's, "Baby Gemma want her Avie Mommy" or "No, Baby Gemma want her Ella Mommy". They have a little trouble with pronouns these days- Avery said this morning, "Mommy Addie all done nap, he's crying." And they both say "Hold you" when they want to be picked up, and "Change you" when they need a new diaper. Its no wonder as I often ask "Do you want me to hold you?" or "Should I change you?" Their manners are improving tremendously and as soon as I hand them something, usually food related they say, "Thank you Mommy!" and when I don't say "Your welcome" right away they either say "Thank You Mommy" again, more deliberaely or the other one chimes in "You welcome, Mommy."
Ella is quite chatty with other adults. A neighbor came over to say hello to Addison when we were outside yesterday and Ella said, "That my Addison, see her have boogies." She has been reversing some words recently. Instead of carseat, she says "sea cart." She calls Daisy Dog "Daisy God" (which I finally figured out is dog backwards!) Last night she was saying "Mommy, Ella need some pieapple." I was sorry to inform her that we were out of pineapple, and offered her some melon instead. She said "No I need pieapple," then went over to the counter and got the box of apple-pie that her brother had just eaten (pie-apple, apple-pie)! She has also been making up a lot of songs recently and as we drove by the pre-school where she will start in the fall, which I usually point out, she recognized on her own and started singing "There is Ella's school, Ella's School, Ella's school, There is Ella's school, Ella's school right there," to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb!
Avery is quite complimentary these days and when I wear something she hasn't seen in awhile says, "ooh I yike you new shirt Mommy." or "Oooh, I yike your pretty nails Mommy." So fun hearing all they have to say....

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