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our pad

Friday, May 27, 2011


Cameron's first grade class recently hatched baby chicks. He has been giving us daily updates on the chicks progress and came home the other day excitedly asking if we could take the chicks home when they were ready. I told him I would think about it and then after much relentless begging from Cameron, I said sure, why not, we could take them in (for the weekend I thought, not knowing I had just agreed to give the chicks a more permanent home). Once you make Cameron an agreement or promise he will never let you forget it, so yesterday I went to his class to retrieve our chicks. Junior and Scotty as they were named have settled in nicely here. The girls are excited to see them, feed them and hold them, and Cameron and Jameson enjoy taking them out to run around in the front yard. Of course I am the one to clean the cage, feed and water the chicks, but I am not complaining YET! I see the joy the little feathered creatures bring to my gang and so we will keep them for a little while longer, until I find a nice farm that will take them in...

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  1. Your post caught my eye this morning since my oldest son's name is Cameron...and my thoughts have been consumed by him as he is graduating this week from high school. He, like your Cam, has always been a child that will NEVER forgot an agreement or promise..even if it is only a promise of "We'll think about it"! :)
    Reading about your boys...your little chicks...and the pleasure you get from watching them..brought back some sweet memories.
    Thanks for posting!!