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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Twin Toilets

As a follow up to yesterdays post, there is one area where my twins are identical through and through, and that is as far as their internal plumbing is concerned. Since they were newborns they have shared the rare ability to synchronize their bowel movements. I remember every time I finished changing one twin and got cleaned up, with in minutes the other one would have soiled her diaper too. It is like they have shared an unspoken pact about when they have to go, from the get go! This has been a source of stress more than a convenience. Many times as babies they both had massive blowouts at the same moment, as toddlers they would both dirty their diapers during nap then encourage one another to remove the soiled diapers in their cribs, and now they fight for first rights on the toilet. The other day when they both had to go at the same time Avery ran for the downstairs bathroom and Ella settled for upstairs. As I helped Avery finish up, Ella decided to take matters into her own hands. She over looked the toilet paper and instead settled on Clorox Wipes found under the sink. Glad I walked in when I did...

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  1. I really hope this was meant to be funny, because it is hilarious!! I can see how it would be a complete inconvenience too, but how amazing that they are so in sync!