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our pad

Monday, January 30, 2012

Things I'd like to remember (and some I'd wish to forget)

From the last full week in January of 2012...
I would like to remember all the free time I had to relax, cook, play with the kids during the time that would usually be spent doing laundry while our machine was broken for 4 days.
I would like to forget all the loads of laundry I have been doing playing catch-up since our machine was repaired and all the baskets still waiting to get cleaned- calling my name from the depths of the basement steps.
I would like to remember a great morning spent as a family at the zoo, and how the girls ran and skipped from one exhibit to the next teaming with excitement, and how Cameron, our official map holder, read interesting tidbits along the way and how Jameson captured the whole day on Camera.
I would like to forget Addie's fear of the gorillas and the shrieks she let out whenever we passed near their exhibit and how she still trembles when we mention the big monkeys.
I would like to remember this wonderful picture Avery made of a "ballerina wearing a crown"
and this one Ella drew

and this one Addie colored:
I would like to remember the kids all dancing to Annie's It's a Hard Knock Life and how all the kids now know all the words to that song.
I would like to forget the few late nights helping the boys complete some school projects due to some serious procrastination on both our parts.
I would like to remember how Avery and Ella manage to incorporate the words "probably" and "actually" into every sentence.
I would like to forget how the girls whine and cry when I won't give them what they want, and how the secretly go and ask their brothers who always give into them.
I would like to remember how Addison says "go mama" for here you go mama whenever she hands me something, and how she always wants to tag along with her brothers and sisters saying "come?"
I would like to remember how great Cam played in his last indoor soccer game of the season, running up and down the field and taking many shots on goal.
I would like to forget how he got left at a sports clinic over the weekend, and the phone call I received from a concerned parent who noticed him upset and alone after the coaches had left. In truth, he wasn't really forgotten about, Jim just dropped him off, ran to the store and thought it went a half hour longer than it did- but try explaining that to a distraught 8 year!
I would love to remember Ella and Addie running off to hide at bedtime and finding a giant lump under our covers and Addie pulling back the blankets as Jim and I walked in the room saying "We're hidin in hea!" then pulled the covers back over her head.
I would like to forget Addie constantly rearranging all the furniture in the kitchen, moving chairs to climb on counters, pulling things off the refrigerator, and reach cabinets. I am going to have to bolt everything down!


  1. Love the picture of Addie! So sweet.
    The dance CD is a hit in our house too, can't go wrong with songs from Mary Poppins and Annie.

  2. I love the old musicals, every kid loves Annie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you back

  3. Is it just me or does laundry always need to get done. I have allot with just 1 kid and a hubby I cannot imagine how much laundry you do during the week. Love the pics of the kiddies at the zoo.....

  4. This is phenomenal, Amanda! I love your words and thoughts. What a great post.