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Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby!

My baby girl turned two today. Addison, my sweet little princess, so affectionate and loving. You give the absolute best hugs, such a strong squeeze for such a little thing, and your cheeks are just so kissable. I will close my eyes and remember the feeling of that hug around my back; your arms to short to clasp your hands. And I will melt when I think of those chubby little arms hugging your brothers or you planting a wet kiss on one of your sisters. Addison, my silly little girl, so humorous and fun. You keep us laughing with your never ending antics. You repeat everything you hear in that husky little voice of yours. We love the way you wiggle your head back and forth and shrug your shoulders and wrinkle up your nose. Your happy dance makes everyone around you happy too. Addison, my mischief maker, so independent and headstrong. Your curiosity constantly leads you to find new ways to stay entertained and keep me on my toes. Your climbing and physical abilities surpass your age and you manage to keep up with your older sisters pretty well for being a full year and a half younger than them. You are so fast and run everywhere, I think you could finish the marathon without getting out of breath. You know what you want and you let everyone else know what you want too. You can throw a tantrum like nobodies business but you are starting to recognize that your actions have consequences and when you know you have done something wrong you immediately flash that sweet smile in my direction, cock your head and say "Hi Mumma, hi Mumma," in your highest pitch voice. Addison, my precious little baby, the littlest in so many ways but growing up too fast. You are independent and have your own little mind. You want to do everything yourself. Hop in the stroller. No I walk. Hold hands with Mommy. No walk all self. Time to get dressed. I do myself! Time for diaper change. I do myself! Want a drink? I do it myself! And today that stubborn independence was so poignantly evidenced as I carried your special breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes with fruit and whip cream topped with a colorful windmill, over to you in your highchair. I began singing my own personal rendition of "Happy Birthday to You", you immediately shushed me before the end of the first verse, saying "I sing it myself." Nothing shows that headstrong independence like you, singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself on your second birthday. You may be a big independent two year old, but I hope you know you'll always be my sweet little baby girl and tonight when you are fast asleep I will tip-toe into your room and then ever so quietly sing a full verse of "Happy Birthday to You."

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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday, Addison!!! Oh she's so precious, Amanda!