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Thursday, June 6, 2013

No rest for the Weary

Weekends; ahhhh, a couple of days to rest, regroup and recharge for the week ahead. Ha, I wish, not here at the Lily Pad, especially not in the springtime! Our weekend included no less than 10 sporting events, one gymnastics show, 40 bags of mulch, hours of yard work and the sanding and painting of our swingset.  The schedule went something like this: Addie soccer 8:00, Avery and Ella soccer 9:00, Cameron soccer clinic 10-11:15, Jameson soccer clinic 10:45-12, Cam bball game 1:00, J bball game 3:00, Cam gymnastics show 5:00. Breathe, smile, head out for dinner with the whole gang to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Sunday: 9:30 church, 11 Cam bball, 2:00 J soccer game, 3:00 Cam soccer game. Both boys scored in their soccer games, Cam getting the winning goal securing his team a spot in the playoffs. He also did awesome in gymnastics and its amazing how strong he's gotten. All the down time between games (all ten minutes of it) was spent beautifying the backyard. Maybe I didn't allow quite enough time to get everything done, but its a start. The kiddos managed to soak up some fun in our new kiddie pool (no pun intended), have a water balloon fight throughout the neighborhood and run through the sprinkler to cool off, certainly making the most of the weekend. Can't wait for playoffs to begin, now that will be a fun weekend schedule!

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