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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 Years Old!

Where has the time gone? My baby boy, my first born, the one who turned me into a mother, turned 8 years old today! Eight seems so old to me, because I still remember turning 8 like it was yesterday! I remember my Mad Hatter Tea Party birthday and being so embarrassed of my parents when they walked in dressed in costume as a waitress and butler. I remember rolling my eyes at my dad's slicked back hair and tuxedo and wondering what my friends would think. I remember feeling so old! Hopefully Jameson is not embarrassed of me today on his eighth birthday. He woke up excited for the day. He had Belgium waffles his Dad made on the Special Day Plate then opened his present- a new helmet. He seemed excited at this alone, but when we wheeled in his brand new 10-speed bike his mouth dropped to the floor. He immediately went outside in his pj's to give it a test run up and down the street. At school his class sung to him and enjoyed the cupcakes I sent in. Tonight we are off to the end of the year picnic at school, then cake and candles when we get home.
Hopefully Cam will be able to join in the fun at the school outing, but he is still sore from spraining his ankle Sunday night. Yesterday he couldn't put any weight on it and after X-rays luckily revealed no break, we were sent home with crutches and an air cast. But what difference a day makes- he is walking around today with only a slight limp!
The girls have recently achieved a milestone of their own- sitting up by themselves! They were a little late getting the hang of it, but here's a clip of them sitting up so proud....(for a moment while it lasted)!

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  1. A Big Happy Birthday to Jameson!!

    Tell Cam I have a little get better present for Him and I'll give it to him tomorrow.