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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toothless Twos-day

Jameson showing off his new toothless grin
Avery chewing on her new teether, while her first teeth are trying to break through

Ella showing off her toothless grin (but not toothless for long)!

Jameson lost his first upper tooth last night, while lying in bed "trying to fall asleep". It was barely wiggly but he was bound and determined and sure enough, out it came just in time to be placed under his pillow. The large gap and slight new speech impediment earned him a shiny new $5 bill from the Tooth Fairy. On the other end of things, the girls are on the verge of getting their first teeth! They have been drooling incessantly, putting anything and everything into their mouths for weeks, and now the white mounds are evident right below the surface of their gums. I'm sure those teeth will be breaking through any day now. Hopefully they will not use them with any ill-will like their big brother Cameron (nick named "jaws") often did as toddler when things didn't go his way! For now I will enjoy the last few drooling toothless kisses from my girls!

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  1. OMGosh! What adorable kiddies! LOVE those soon to be not toothless grins :)
    And, $5, wow! I need that toothfairy to visit me :)

    Thanks so much for playing along today. Nice to "meet" you :)

  2. $5!!! Talk about Inflation. Don't tell my kids its that much - I think they might be getting quarters :)