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Monday, March 8, 2010

End of the Season Makes My Monday

The Hockey Season is drawing to a close, and while I am thrilled with how much the boys have improved and I loved watching every game, I am happy that my part in chauffeuring them around to cold hockey rinks will soon be over, for a little while! To finish off the season the boys played in tournaments this past weekend. The hockey tournament fell on the same day as the basketball tournament making for a very busy day. Jameson's basketball team won their first game of the season and therefore advanced in the playoffs, and had to play again shortly after the first game. The weather was beautiful outside and at times I found myself hoping for a quick elimination (don't tell J) so we could all go enjoy some sunshine. Jameson was tired by the end of the day having played in four different games but happy to bring home a trophy! While Jim was working on the house, the girls were home with Nanny and Papa and it was the first time I left them for an entire day. While they loved spending time with their grandparents, they still gave me a hard time when I got home that evening, screamed when I left the room putting them to bed that night and were extra clingy that next day. While they make me so feel loved, it makes me very nervous to think about having to leave them for two days when I head to the hospital to deliver their baby brother or sister!
Here are some highlights from the weekend's games:

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  1. What little cuties! LOVE the "highlight" reels. :)

    Wishing you a happy, healthy meeting with the sibling on the way....the "big kids" will do FINE!

    Thanks so much for Making My Monday by playing along!