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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello Sun!

Just as I was about to set sail across the river that use to be our back yard, headed for a place far far away, the sun came out and all was right once again. The rain moved in in time for the weekend and brought some bad days with it. Both Avery and Ella came down with ear infections, Cameron soon also developed an ear infection, Jameson came down with a stomach bug, and Ella then broke out in bad rash- an allergic reaction to her antibiotic. There was one point during one night ( a blur now) that all four kids were all up in misery at the same time. The rain water then came in our basement so now we will need to replace the rug, and over a foot of water flooded my parents basement where we are still staying during the construction project. At one point the water rose so high that it caused the furnace to emit clouds of thick black smoke, nearly starting an electrical fire. I smelled the something, opened the door to the basement, was enveloped in smoke- yelled to Jim that we needed to get out of here, grabbed the kids and the dog and called 911 on the way to the car, where we waited for the fire trucks to arrive. You can't make this stuff up! The firefighters shut down the gas lines and turned off the furnace and water boiler. So while a full scale fire was avoided- we are left with no heat or hot water until the flood subsides. Plumbers were here and have two pumps running, but it has still to make a dent in the water level. But the sun did come out today, everyone seems to be feeling better for now, and we got out to enjoy the day. I took the kids to a park with a great bike trail. The boys rode for the first time of the season and I pushed the girls in a stroller then let them walk pushing strollers of their own. It was a very enjoyable afternoon made even more so after the weekend we had!
Ella pushing her stroller and Jameson riding full speed ahead!

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  1. And I thought it was just bad being stuck in the house! Hope things get better soon! Wasn't it nice to see the sun and get out and enjoy the weather?