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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby

Today was Jim's birthday and the kids were so excited to help him celebrate. We made Jim a big breakfast and Cam remembered to set out the special day plate. Jameson had an origami lesson at school the other day and own his own, made Jim an origami balloon into which he inserted a happy birthday note. We had one of his favorite dinners, Chicken Veronique all ready to go when Jim got home from work. Cam, always thoughtful and generous, wrapped up some items from around the house to give to Daddy for his birthday. One gift in particular, I'm sure Jim will remember for years to come- Cam wrapped up a hockey puck of Jameson's which was autographed by one of the best players in the NHL, only before wrapping he scratched off the autograph and attempted to write his own name in its place. Oh Cam, he means so well! Everyone enjoyed the ice cream cake, especially Avery and Ella. They were jumping out of there seats while waiting for their slice and then literally licked their plates clean. What a mess! All in all, I think Jim had a nice birthday and we hope to get out this weekend to celebrate on our own. Happy Birthday Hon, we all love you so much, admire what an amazing dad you are and appreciate all your hard work!

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  1. Sounds like a great celebration! Happy Birthday to Jim!