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Friday, March 8, 2013

Addie Updates

Addie is as sweet as sweet can be.
She runs the roost and she's not even three.

She started preschool in the fall;
friends and projects- she's having a ball.

She attends classes in gymnastics and in ballet
Practices her somersaults everyday.

She runs real fast everywhere she goes,
Has so much energy, surely keeps me on my toes.

She loves her sisters, but often is the odd man out,
it breaks my heart to see her pout.

Her brothers get such a kick out of her.
She is just so funny, always causing a stir.

Lovable and affectionate is she ever
always getting into things- Boy is she clever!

My baby girl is getting so big and so long, 
she's independent and very headstrong.

She is all potty trained, and talks non-stop.
I love her "lithp" and her joyous hop.

She smiles so bright all day long,
although when she tempers its hard to be strong.

After she recently fell out of her crib and onto her head,
she was happy to move into a big girl bed.

Naps are tricky as she doesn't want to rest,
but we both need a break to be our best.

She is such great company one-on-one,
quite the conversationalist  and so much fun.

She is able to play quietly by herself or with her imaginary friend.
Sometimes I hope these days will never end.

I love her imagination, she's always so busy.
I love her curiosity though it makes me dizzy.

Although she is the littlest one, she's often the loudest
When she asks, "Are you happy at me?" it makes me the proudest.

She certainly is a piece of work,
 but how do I love her beautiful smirk!

Her strong little hugs simply are the best
especially after putting me to the test.

She is my princess, outgoing and kind.
Another Addie you'll never find....    

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