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our pad

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Vacation

Now that our tans have began to fade, I finally have time to post about our wonderful trip to Jupiter Island. The weather was beautiful and we all enjoyed the break from our busy schedules and the chance to spend time as a family and the time with Nanny, Papa and AunDar. Other than three trips to the ER for a fever virus the kiddos must have picked up on the plane ride down, we had a great time swimming at the pool and beach, visiting the zoo, taking walks and of course eating lots of wonderful meals out. Maneuvering a double stroller through a crowded restaurant was no easy task, but once I got a margarita in my hand and every appetizer on the menu in front of me, I soon forgot about the inconvenience and hassle. We made such nice family memories and are already looking forward to next years trip!

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