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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


As I helped the girls with a first drink from their sippy cups, Cameron ran over, sat down beside me, and said "Girls I am so proud of you, I never thought I'd see the day when you would be drinking real water from a real cup." He always surprises me with the things he comes out with and always makes me laugh with his comments. He is now five and almost everyday there is something I think I should write down to remember when he is older. Of course I never do and now regret that I can not remember most of them, but before any more time goes by I will attempt to capture some of the more memorable Cameronisms.
I should have know he was going to be a character when the first two words he ever put together where to describe a favorite toy: dump and truck which he pronounced "dumb fu#*". I would get some interesting looks from other parents as he ran around the playground carrying his beloved truck and shouting that profanity. I remember one day, when he was a little older him walking into the kitchen with his face and top of his shirt soaking wet. "Cameron!" I said sternly, "Did you spill your drink?" "Oh no Mommy I didn't spill" he replied innocently, "I was just blowing bubbles in the potty!"
The holidays always provided the background for some great expressions by Cameron. When making a trip to visit Santa, I asked him what he was going to ask the big guy for. He casually answered "his list". He thought he was destined for coal and was bringing along a pen to transfer his name from the naughty to the good list. After Christmas was over and I was busy packing up the decorations Cameron walked over to me and casually stated "I don't know if our chimney is going to fit in that box, Mom," thinking our chimney was something we only took out once a year for Santa's annual decent into our fireplace!
Cam also had a lot to say about the babies. When we first broke the news to the boys that they were going to be big brothers, and have two babies, Cameron excitedly asked me, "Could you grow two puppies instead?" He soon came around to the idea of becoming a big brother, and wanted to get involved in the naming process. He said he picked the "bestest" names in the world for them, which he later disclosed where, Cameron and Cameron. While not original, it was nice that he was willing to share his own name with his new siblings. We decided to bring the boys along to an ultrasound appointment so they could catch a glimpse of the babies. We chose not to find out the twins gender, but Cameron said he was going to peek and see if they were girls or boys. I of course thought he was referring to peeking at the lower anatomy, but he later explained he was going to peek and see if their hair was long (=girls) or short (boys)!
I am convinced he is smart beyond his years however, others may beg to differ. Recently he had his interview for kindergarten and when the teacher asked him his phone number he confidently stated 911 ( a number he has "accidentally" dialed a few times in the past). While standing in front of a map outside the Dr.'s office a few weeks ago I asked him to locate Florida as we had recently flown to visit my parents there. "Hmmmmm" he said carefully scrutinizing the map, "I know its on there somewhere near heaven because we pass through the clouds to get there."
Putting Cam to bed is always an ordeal as he has more excuses and more ways of dragging out the whole process, and while exhausting now, I know at some future juncture I might look back and find it somewhat entertaining. So here is Cameron's bedtime ritual with some variation each night: 7:00 upstairs, brush teeth, go potty, get in PJs, pick out story, read story, say prayers, kisses and hugs, good night! Moments later from the top of the stairs: "Mom, I'm soooo thirsty. I didn't have anything to drink all day. I think I'm dehydrated! Can I please have just a little cup of water?" Well I know very well that he just had a glass of water with dinner, but it was hot out today, and maybe he didn't have anything to drink at school, so I give in and bring up one little cup of water, kisses and hugs, goodnight! Moments later: "Mom, I just drank all that water, I have to go to the bathroom again! You don't want me to wet the bed, do you?" No I don't. We have had some wet beds in the past so up I march, bring him to the bathroom, back to bed, kisses and hugs, goodnight! Moments later: "Mom I forgot to wash my hands, you don't want me to sleep with germs do you?" No, he's right...I hate germs. Back upstairs to make sure he doesn't overdue it with the soap which happens a lot (suds on the mirror, floor, his face, his hair). Washes hands, back to bed, kisses and hugs, good night! Moments later: "Mom, I miss you, your the nicest mom I ever had, just one more kiss, pleeeeeease, I love you sooooo much, please just one more hug?" Well he really does love me, and I would feel guilty all night if I didn't let him give me one more hug. So up I go, kisses and hugs goodnight." Moments later: I hear some things banging around upstairs. So up I go, open his door to find him sitting in bed with a flashlight thumbing through a book. "Cameron!" I say sternly. He looks at me, looks down at the book, looks back at me, looks back at the book, "Hmmm" he says still looking at the book in his hand, "how did this get here?" I grab the book, turn off the light, walk out, shut the door! Moments later : I walk back in to a sleeping baby boy, kisses and hugs, goodnight!


  1. That's why we love Cam!! xxoox

  2. Oh wow - he sounds like such a character! Great stories :)