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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jameson's First Communion

This past Saturday Jameson made his First Holy Communion. It was a beautiful ceremony on beautiful day. The church was packed with family and friends eager to see these second graders donned in white dresses or suits and ties approach the altar. Jameson walked in ( a bit faster than rehearsed) with "prayerful hands" and a most serious but innocent look upon his face. Later he took to the microphone to sing the refrain of the song, "Celebrate" as a duet in front of the whole church. I was more nervous than he was, but even through his lingering cold his voice sounded soft and beautiful. I come from a long line of tone deaf family members so I was thrilled to learn that Jameson might have inherited some of Nana-Lil's singing abilities! We came home to a great party with family, friends and neighbors, all just as proud of Jameson as I was. The house was decorated with a photo collage in the shape of a cross showing Jameson's growth and accomplishments over the last seven years. I also hung pictures of me and Jim on our First Communion day along with pictures of Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents on theirs, so that Jameson could see how he was part of a very special tradition. Next to a delicious cake Nanny picked out sat a gingerbread house I made in the shape of a church complete with stained glass window and a steeple. It was such a memorable day and although Jameson is just embarking on his journey of faith he has already taught me so much about mine.

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  1. Such sweet memories! We were sad to miss it but are so happy you all had such a special day! XOXO