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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Great Lock Out

We are puppy sitting Daisy again, and Avery and Ella couldn't be happier about this. Boy did they miss her! Anyway, earlier today they opened the side door, and called to Daisy, letting her out on her own to get a little exercise and freedom. They then began crying that Daisy was outside running free- funny how that works! With Addie playing contently on the family room rug, I went out in the front yard to try and lure Daisy back in the house with promises of "cheese" and "treats". The girls came out to "help", which really fueled Daisy on and she began to run circles around all of us. At this point, I decided we should head back in and thought Daisy would follow when she tired out. Ella had already turned back in, and to her and my surprise had locked Avery and me out! I called her over to the door, and told her to turn the knob and let us in. "Knob, what knob?" She looked dumbfounded. She pulled on the handle a few times, with me instructing her, "Not the handle the knob! Come on Ella, you can do it!" She gave a few more half hearted tries, then sat down in front of the door, and began trying on shoes. I was knocking, then pounding on the door, as I watched Addie spring to her knee and start heading for the stairs! Yikes! I then remembered I had my phone in my pocket. Phew, the phone! Wait how was a phone going to help me? I called Jim, and asked him where he hid the key, after the last time this happened...all he could remember was that he hid it in a place that nobody would think to look! Great Thanks! I thought of calling the fire department, but then thought of all the mischief that could take place in the few minutes it might take for the fire department to show up and knock my door down. I decided I must break in, so after securing Avery in the car went around back,kicked in a small window and somehow managed to climb in, lower myself to the ground and run up the back stairs to find Addie still making her way towards the two stairs heading up to the kitchen (luckily she's a slow crawler) and Ella trying on her 10Th pair of shoes. Only moments later did Ella notice Daisy sitting out on the stoop outside and on her own, without even hesitating, walked over to the door, unlocked it and let Daisy in! Go Figure!

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    What a cute story! I check your blog every week and am always happy when you have a new post. You have such an adorable family! Cathy