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our pad

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Know You Have a Big Family When...

You know you have a big family when:
1) Your bi-weekly trip to grocery store evokes comments from other shoppers such as "Looks like someones having a party" or "Is there a storm coming?"
2) You need to roast two chickens for dinner to ensure leftovers for soup
3) Doing three loads of laundry a day does not get you caught up
4) You panic and run to the store right before closing when you open the fridge and realize you only have one full gallon of milk left
5) You have to choose another restaurant because they don't have enough highchairs to accommodate your family
6) You take in the relative peace and quiet of a hockey game
7) Even when you open a brand new loaf of bread at lunch someone still gets stuck with the ends
8) You can't go anywhere without hearing "Are they all your?" or "Wow, you've got your hands full."
9) You ask "Do we have everyone?" when you head out in the car, then actually turn around and do a head count.
10) Your son's family portrait hanging in school is mounted on the door's window because its double-sided


  1. ha! this is great!! what an adventure!

    thanks for your sweet comment about my daughter's dancing 'skills'. She is so excited to start in the fall!!