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Monday, March 5, 2012

Gearing Up for Saint Patrick's Day

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I guess I kind of get into (read- overdo) the holidays around here. Big or little, I love an excuse to decorate, cook and get into the spirit of things and feel like a kid again along with my kids! We've been crafting for Saint Patrick's Day, and will soon get baking making Irish Soda Bread, shamrock cookies and candy Irish potatoes. I'll also be making the traditional corned beef and cabbage on the big day. We have a tricky leprechaun who visits our house every year on Saint Patrick's Day. He causes all kinds of mischief and always escapes the trap the kids leave out for him. In the past he has been known to dye the jug of milk green, replace the healthy fiber cereal we set out with Lucky Charms, leave a trail of green sprinkles across the counter leading to a pot of pennies, leave tiny foot prints on the rug, turn the carnations on the kitchen table green (add several drops of green food coloring to the water in vase before going to bed), fill a room with green balloons, and hide gold coins all around the house. I wonder what our leprechaun has in store for us this St. Paddy's day?

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