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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap- Up

(Making banana bread with my little sues chefs)

A busy Saturday was followed by a relaxing Sunday here at the Lily Pad. Saturday, Jameson had an early hockey game and then an indoor soccer game, Cam had two soccer games of his own and then sadly we had a funeral to attend for a mother of one of Jameson's teammates. Jameson got a little choked up from time to time, but I'm not sure he totally grasped everything that was going on, however, it was nice he did get a chance to try and cheer up his friend and hang out with the rest of the teammates. The girls stayed put at home and did some crafting, some dress up, a few dance shows, and some baking with me. Last night Jim and I went to an Auction for the boys school. It was nice to get dressed up, sit down for a nice dinner and a couple glasses of wine and have a chance to catch up with friends. It started early which was a treat in itself as we were able to leave the dinner and bedtime routine to the capable hands of our sitters (Papa and Aunt Tammy). My gang should always have at least two babysitters at a time! We bid on a couple of summer camps for the kids so now I guess its time to start thinking ahead to warmer months. I was also glad to see that the class auction project I put together for Jameson's class went for big bucks! It was a dessert themed cookbook featuring the students artwork and photographs which I took, coupled with some hand painted glass ice cream dishes and glass jars filled with all the toppings for ice cream Sundae bar which I had the class paint one afternoon when I went in. It was a little time consuming, but worth it when I saw how it all came together!
Today we had a lazy pancake breakfast then bundled the kids up to
play outside for a while. I took Jameson shopping to get supplies
to begin working on his Invention Convention project where he decided to invent a retractable fishing rod after becoming hooked (no pun intended) on fishing during our recent trip down south. We finished the day off with a make-your-own taco dinner at Cameron's request. The clean up always take a little longer on taco night and I think we could easily fill 3 tacos with the food found under and around Addie's highchair. Now I'm just enjoying some Girl Scout cookies and happily browsing through the LL Bean spring catalogue where my Ella happens to be looking up at me from page 23!
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