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our pad

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ten Signs Summer Has Arrived in March

1.) Sundresses on my girls revealing the cutest, chubbiest, pastiest little arms.

2) Trampled crocuses littered throughout the yard
3) Avery has a splinter on her foot
4) Cameron made $5 in a lemonade stand with the neighborhood boys
5) Tubs the last 4 nights in a row
6) The driveway looks like this at the end of the day
7) 10 skinned knees
8) Sandbox sand in hair, shoes and diaper
9) Ice-cream truck at the playground
10) Lawn chairs line the sidewalk of our cul-de-sac while kids play into evening (my chair remains vacant due to a fearless little wanderer who keeps me on duty).


  1. I cannot get enough of the sight of my girls' little arms and legs (not yet skinned, thank goodness!), at the start of warm weather. Such a special sweetness to them! :)

    And we sure are enjoying all the outside play time these days, too!

  2. we love this nice weather too! thanks for linking up your shaving cream post to last week's tip-toe thru tuesday party! i hope to see you again this week! also, check out my "in {her} shoes" directory page. i do a series of guest posts by momma bloggers. i'd love to have you "over"!