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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shaving Cream Art

The rainy snowy day outside has got the creative juices flowing inside! The girls and I had fun making shaving cream stationary using just 3 ingredients which we had in the house- shaving cream, food coloring and paper (the thicker the better). The girls now smell like freshly shaven men but the artwork was worth it! We have also tried making stationary in the past with both whip cream and cool whip when I was worried about curious mouths sampling the foam and it worked fine but the shaving cream definitely lends itself to the brightest colors and sharpest designs.

1) Fill a large baking dish with shaving cream and spread out with a spatula.

2) Place a variety of food coloring drops onto shaving cream.
3) Using a plastic knife or toothpick draw lines through food coloring drops until desired design is achieved

4) Gently place paper onto shaving cream and tap lightly ensuring entire paper is pressed onto surface.
5) Peel back paper and place face-up on table.
6) Use spatula to remove excess shaving cream from paper revealing design.

7) Allow paper to dry
Some other shaving cream activities for the toddler crowd we came up with while polishing off Daddy's toiletries included:
Finger painting with Shaving cream
Writing letters in shaving cream
Using different size paint brushes to paint with shaving cream
* The favorite part of the activity however remains spraying the shaving cream out themselves and watching it expand!!!


  1. what fun! we use to do that when mine were smaller and we still do it in the bathtub sometimes. I have tagged you in a post.. http://theworstestmommy.blogspot.com/2012/03/11-random-things-game.html

    1. Thanks for tagging me...if I can think of 11 more blogs to taf, I will try to play along!

  2. y'know we play with shaving cream all the time and we've never added food coloring! guess i know what we'll be doing tomorrow!

  3. Love this! Thanks for linking up to Mommy Solutions! I'm featuring you on my Facebook page right now! Crystal