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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The girls and I had a fun St. Patrick's Day while the boys were away skiing for the weekend. A Leprechaun left a rainbow made of colored ribbon trailing from the top of the stairs through and around the downstairs until it finally ended in a pot of gold coins. The girls had a fun following the rainbow and were delighted with what they discovered at the end! There was also a path of shamrocks leading to another treasure of green Hershey Kisses. Nothing like chocolate before breakfast to start the day off right! The silly Leprechaun left his hat in the refrigerator so we've had some fun posing with that! We also played Four Leaf Clover Bingo, using a board I made to work on shape and letter recognition. I got this great idea from Mandy at Twin Trials and Triumphs and just altered it a little to make it work for a St. Patrick's Day activity using green marker and shamrocks to cover the spaces on the board.
We then headed in town to spend the day with Aunt Tammy, Aunt Allison and cousin Gemma. The girls loved spending the morning in the city with some of their favorite people! To conclude our St. Paddy's day activities the girls did some finger painting with green pudding- YUM! They helped me make vanilla pudding then each added a drop of green food coloring. They finger painted on plain white paper then licked their fingers clean.
Tonight when the boys got home we ate our Irish boiled dinner as a family, a day late but worth the wait!


  1. I LOVE the rainbow streamers leading to a prize! How much fun!

    We also had our corned beef and cabbage a day late, but not for anything fun like a ski trip...rather, because I didn't get to the store on time! ;)

    Hope your week gets off to a good start as everyone readjusts to normal programming. :)

  2. What great ideas! I love the rainbow made out of ribbons with the gold coins at the end, and the vanilla pudding with the green food coloring is brilliant! I bet the girls had so much fun! Happy St. Patty's day to you too!
    The Irish cuisine is always worth the wait, even if it's a day late!