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our pad

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Things That Made Me Smile This Week
  • Five crock pot meals (I created) in a row.
  • Early morning runs outside.
  • Jameson rocking his Invention Convention- The Ready Rod Retractable Fishing Rod.
  • Listening to my Ella who is big into making up songs these days, sing from her darkened room tonight, "I love my mom, I love my Dad, I love my Jameson, I love them all, I love my Dubby, I love my Addie, I love my Avie, I love them all."
  • Seeing Avery and Ella grab their plastic doctors kits and head upstairs to Jameson's room when they heard he wasn't feeling well.
  • Standardized testing week at the boys' school, my favorite week of the school year- no homework, no projects, no papers, no library books to remember! The kids can come home from school and just be kids- meaning they play outside and don't bug me til dinner.
  • Knowing that boys had a blast skiing with Jim, and Aunt Megan and Uncle Bobby. It was a great weekend away for them and a relaxing weekend home for us!
  • Having a great time with my girls in the city over the weekend, visiting with cousin Gemma, Aunt Tammy, and Aunt Allison.
  • A tea party with my three girls.
  • A new ritual when we read Fancy Nancy at bedtime. The girls gather clothes, accessories and shoes for me and for them from my closet so we can be fancy while we read.
  • The perfect weather making the time between naps and dinner fly by as we all play outside.
  • First Popsicles of the season.
  • This email I received from Jameson's Social Studies teacher: Good morning,I just wanted to let you know what a terrific job Jameson is doing in my class. He does not know yet because report cards don’t go out until next week but he received 100% average in Social Studies. I only have one other student who has done that. It is not something I see often so I thought I would let you know. Congratulations!
  • Working a lemonade stand with the boys today and discovering they are both great salesman.
  • Addie entertaining herself.
  • Whispering at the dinner table.
  • Boys and girls playing together.


  1. Oh my goodness your kids are so beautiful!!! I found you from Kellys link up I love your blog. I have a secret wish for identical twin maybe every one does LOL. We have 5 on earth and one in heaven. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Coming by from Kelly's Korner. Looks like such a fun family! I especially love the Fancy Nancy dress up!!

  3. Wow-that is a week of great things!

  4. Coming by from Kelly's. I saw your comment on my blog and had to check out your clan of five. They are adorable. Looks like you all have a bunch of fun :)

  5. Love this, Amanda! Congrats to Jameson in Social Studies. That's incredible! And what a gift to get that e-mail. Awesome! LOVE you and the girls dressed up to read too. How precious. :)